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Compaq's Enterprise Groupware Products provide a variety of services and features to your organization. The following pages provide more detailed information about how Compaq can make your business enterprise more efficient and cost-effective.

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Overview of client/server computing

Many of the Compaq Enterprise and Groupware products are designed to work in a distributed system environment. Distributed systems are those that share computing power over a computer network. Distributed systems consist of client computers that communicate with computer servers on the network.

For example, with TeamLinks, your Windows PC or Macintosh is the client computer. You use the client computer to create and display messages or documents and, optionally, to store messages and documents in a file cabinet stored on your PC or Macintosh hard disk.

You use the server computer for sending messages, document routing, locating the addresses of other network computer users, and storing messages and documents in a remote file cabinet on your server computer.

Many distributed systems, such as TeamLinks, allow you to work on line (connected to the server) or off line (not connected to the server). For example, at the office you might connect your laptop computer to the server and work on line. When you are out of the office, you disconnect your laptop from the server and work off line.

When you are working off line, you can use the TeamLinks client software to compose draft mail messages, organize your local PC file cabinet, and review messages you have saved in your local file cabinet.

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Client software packages

Compaq Office Server MAPI Driver

The MAPI driver connects Windows 95/98 and Window NT messaging clients and mail-enabled applications to Compaq Office Server or to ALL-IN-1 Office Server. It enables users of these PC-based applications to use the message storage, addressing, and messaging services provided by the office servers. For more information about the current version of the MAPI driver including a free trial use kit, visit the Compaq Office Server MAPI Driver homepage.

Compaq Office Server Web Interface

This software allows you to use standard web browsers (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer) to access personal Office Server or ALL–IN–1 File Cabinets. It also allows users who are not logged on to access File Cabinet drawers to which they have been allowed access. It allows conversion of WPS-PLUS and WordPerfect documents to either HTML or text format, and has advanced browsing features. For more information, see Overview of the Compaq Office Server Web Interface.

TeamLinks Mail

Compaq Computer Corporation's premier mail client provides both network and dial-up access to a variety of mail servers, including Compaq Office Server, ALL-IN-1, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Internet (POP3/SMTP) servers. For more information and a 90-day trial version of TeamLinks, see the TeamLinks home page.

Server software packages

Compaq Office Server Version 6.1

This is the next generation of OpenVMS messaging server for the ALL–IN–1 and MailWorks communities. Office Server includes a PC administration client, Office Server Administrator, a POP3 Server, an IMAP4 Server, support for both XDS and LDAP (V2 and V3) directory service products, and distributed sharing. For more information, see the Compaq Office Server pages or the Compaq Office Server Software Product Description.

If you are currently supporting OpenVMS Mail users and you would like to migrate those users to Office Server, check out the free DIGITAL OpenVMS Mail to Office Server Migration Utility.

Additional groupware software packages

WordPerfect for OpenVMS

Full text editor that integrates text, graphics, tables, and equations to product professional quality documents for video terminal users. Can be integrated with ALL–IN–1.

DECwrite Compaq's full-function compound document editor.