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Mail and messaging

HP Enterprise Groupware products provide a variety of services and features for organizations. This page provides more detailed information about how HP can make your business enterprise more efficient and cost-effective.

Unified messaging, voice-over IP, and network-wide user authentication

HP OpenVMS now offers a state-of-the-art unified messaging product, complete with voice-over IP and industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology on HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems. Enterprise Directory has been enhanced to deliver network-wide and external-user authentication within a common, replicated repository on both platforms.

Unified messaging and voice-over IP on HP OpenVMS

The award-winning CommuniGate Pro from CommuniGate Systems is now available on HP OpenVMS Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems.

CommuniGate Pro is the technology leader in data and voice messaging systems, providing 99.999% uptime in a highly-scalable, standards-based software solution. The reliability, scalability, and security of CommuniGate Pro make it an excellent match for the well-known strength of HP OpenVMS.

CommuniGate Pro is designed for carrier class ISP, wireless, and cable providers, as well as large scale universities and enterprises. CommuniGate Pro scales to multi-million user clusters while providing a full set of features and simple administration to satisfy small-to-mid-size business (SMB) enterprises.

Over 9,000 customers and 60 million users around the world use CommuniGate Pro daily. CommuniGate Pro merges security, reliability, scalability, voice, and data communications into one cluster-wide single image. The client integration to Outlook provides seamless services for desktop users, and the voice technologies provide mobile and IP-based phone integration.

CommuniGate Pro schematic:

A typical CommuniGate Pro cluster configuration:

For more information on communiGate Pro, please visit the following:

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) profile
» CommuniGate Systems Web site
» CommuniGate Pro overview
» CommuniGate Pro on HP OpenVMS presentation

External and network-wide user authentication with HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory Version 5.4

HP OpenVMS includes Enterprise Directory as part of the Base Operating Environment (BOE) for v8.4 and newer versions and the Foundation Operating Environment (FOE) for v8.3-1H1 and older versions on HP OpenVMS Integrity servers and AlphaServer system-based operating systems. Enterprise Directory is a fully functioning, X.500 directory. With integrated lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) Version 3 and operation over TCP/IP, it provides the scalability and resilience of X.500 with popular Internet protocols. DECnet Phase V no longer has to be installed for full functionality, making Enterprise Directory ideal as the network-wide repository for OpenVMS user authentication, as well as for other platform users in the enterprise. Please see the following diagram for details:

HP Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory Version 2.2 enable users to

  • Keep large amounts of data in a secure directory
  • Spread a large directory over several servers
  • Control access to directory data in a range of ways
  • Gain access from any device that supports LDAP Version 2, v3, or Java

Using the X.500 model, departments and organizations may adopt an incremental, independent approach to establishing a directory service using products from multiple vendors. These separate implementations may be connected together to provide a single, logical directory service that spans the department, organization, region, or the world.

The directory may contain an array of information and may be accessed by both individual users and applications.

This highly-scalable product set supports more than one million queries per hour on a single directory server. Along with the LDAP v3 interface and support for the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Enterprise Directory can support many popular user agents and interoperate with contemporary LDAP v3 directory servers. It is certified with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authorities Baltimore and Entrust, offering customers increased content security.

The following pages offer more information about HP Enterprise Directory v5.4:

» HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2 SPD
» HP Tru64 UNIX Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2 SPD