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Download DECdtm/XA V2.0/V2.1 SDK for Alpha

The DECdtm/XA SDK contains a new interface that allows a transaction manager (TM) to coordinate transactions performed by a resource manager (RM).

With the added XA support to the existing DECdtm product, DECdtm/XA enables an XA-compliant RM (such as Oracle/XA) to participate in a global transaction coordinated by DECdtm. DECdtm compliant RMs, such as ACMS, can now manage transactions that involve Oracle/Rdb, RMS Journaling, and Oracle/XA.

In addition, a DECdtm compliant RM (such as Oracle Rdb or RMS Journaling) can be coordinated by an XA-compliant transaction processing system such as BEA Tuxedo.

» Download DECdtm/XA V2.0 SDK for Alpha
» View the V2.0 readme file
» Download V2.0 documentation

» Download DECdtm/XA V2.1 SDK for Alpha (required for BridgeWorks V3.0)
» View the V2.1 readme file

Make sure the file type of the saved SDK is .PCSI-DCX-AXPEXE.

Expanding the kits

After getting the downloaded .PCSI-DCX-AXPEXE file onto the OpenVMS Alpha system to install the SDK, you will need to expand the self-extracting file.

To expand the DECdtm/XA for OpenVMS Alpha self-extracting file, enter the following command:




The system displays information about the file compression version and help information about the command syntax.

At the Decompress into (file specification): prompt, press return. The system expands the file and names the decompressed file either COMPAQ-AXPVMS-DECDTMXA-V0200--1.PCSI or COMPAQ-AXPVMS-DECDTMXA-V0201--1.PCSI. Do not rename this file. Follow the directions in the readme file to install the DECdtm/XA SDK product.