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HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary

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Data checks
    changing default
Data compaction
    volume mount
Data record compaction
    TA90E support
Data streams
    marking beginning of
    marking end of
    setting primary
    setting secondary
DCL commands
    continuing execution of
    marking beginning of input stream
    marking end of input stream
    problems and restrictions
    resuming execution of
DDIF input converter
DDIF output converter
Deallocating devices
    analyzing in object files
    information record analysis
    invoking #1
    invoking #2
    kept debugger
    RUN command
    using with DEPOSIT command
DEC Text Processing Utility (DECTPU)
Decimal dump
DECnet for OpenVMS
    running DECwindows applications across
DECterm window
    setting application keypad
DECW$DISPLAY logical name #1
DECW$DISPLAY logical name #2
Default characteristics
    modifying terminal #1
    modifying terminal #2
    setting for magnetic tape devices
Default devices
Default directories
Default error checking
Default printer
    displaying characteristics of
Default protection
Default working set
    for batch jobs #1
    for batch jobs #2
    for batch jobs #3
    for batch jobs #4
    modifying size
Delaying command processing
    batch job file after processing
    logical name tables
    logical names
    multiple files
    wakeup request
DEPOSIT command
    length qualifiers
    radix qualifiers
Descriptor dump
Detached processes
    image hibernation
    specifying working set
Device driver images
Device names
    assigning logical names to #1
    assigning logical names to #2
    assigning logical queue name to
        error count for
        information on
        mounted volumes
        queue entries #1
        queue entries #2
        status of
    establishing as spooled
    establishing operational status for
    logical name assignment
    magnetic tapes
        setting default characteristics for
    unloading with DISMOUNT command
    comment characters
    comment delimiters
    exit status
    output formats
    changing specification
    displaying contents of
    displaying default
    file version limit
        defining at creation
    modifying number in system space
        for Files-11 volume
        defining at creation
    ready access
    shelved files
    space preallocation on disk
Disabling autostart
    on a node #1
    on a node #2
Disk quotas
Disk volumes
    disabling automatic rebuild
    overriding protection checks
    physical loading #1
    physical loading #2
    See also Disks
    allocating mapping pointers
    creating sequential files
    defining shareable volume
    defining structure level
    directory space allocation
    disabling operator status
    dismounting volume set
    displaying quota
    enabling operator status
    establishing operational status for
    index file placement
    indicating bad block data
    making a public volume
    modifying RMS defaults for file operations
        clusterwide #1
        clusterwide #2
        for volume shadowing #1
        for volume shadowing #2
    mounting for volume shadowing
    renaming directory
    renaming file
    specifying cluster size
    specifying default file extension size
    specifying density
    specifying faulty areas
    specifying maximum file number
    specifying shareable volume
    specifying size for DECram disk
    specifying size for magnetic disk
    clusterwide volumes
    shared devices
    allocated device
    command procedure
    current process status
    device status #1
    device status #2
    files on current output device
    names of installed files #1
    names of installed files #2
    names of installed files #3
    names of open files
    process status
    shadow set status
    system status
    working set limit or quota
Document conversion
    output formats
Dollar sign ($)
    and DECK command
    and EOD command
    and EOJ command
Domain converter
    processing options
DSR (DIGITAL Standard Runoff)
DTIF input converter
DTIF output converter
Dump formats
    longword #1
    longword #2
Dump reading
    of files
    of volumes
Duplicate labels
    command interpreter rules for #1
    command interpreter rules for #2
    command interpreter rules for #3

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