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This page shows some of the solutions we offer for a variety of your business needs. Many more are possible. Contact us for more information.

Facilitating Access to Data

You can implement simple access to data that resides on OpenVMS, using the Secure Web Server based on the popular Apache Server, in conjunction with a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or the Secure Web Browser, based on Mozilla. Dynamic content can be implemented using a CGI script with Perl, or PHP, or JavaServer Pages (Tomcat).

More sophisticated data access, such as viewing all of your data as one large relational data base, to present to an application, could be implemented using Attunity Connect.

Modernizing User Interfaces

You can modernize existing applications by replacing the user interface with a graphical user interface (GUI), using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or the Secure Web Browser in conjunction with the Secure Web Server and Perl, PHP, or Tomcat.

Distributed NetBeans provides tools to modernize user interfaces using the IDE's drag-and-drop JSP page editor. You can also create Java-based GUIs using Distributed NetBeans’ state-of-the-art Java GUI design system (called Matisse).

You can also create a Windows-based user interface using BridgeWorks, COM, and VisualBasic or Microsoft .NET.

ACMS applications can use BridgeWorks or TP Web Connector.

Reuse of Business Logic or Data

You can reuse existing business logic and/or data using BridgeWorks to wrapper or "componentize" existing applications or code as JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, or COM objects for use in conjunction with Tomcat, BEA WebLogic Server, and COM for OpenVMS respectively.

Application Integration

The possibilities are endless here using J2EE application servers such as BEA WebLogic Server, or emerging technology such as Web Services, which includes XML and SOAP, or messaging technology such as IBM MQSeries, BEA MessageQ, or Reliable Transaction Router (RTR).

Distributed NetBeans has award-winning J2EE and Web Services support for designing and deploying J2EE applications and Web Services.

We can help you figure out what is right for you, from simple integration of a few applications to a complete overhaul of your application environment, or some serious B2B integration with one of your partners or suppliers.

Application Development

We provide Distributed NetBeans, an Integrated Development Environment that runs on non-OpenVMS desktops to develop and maintain applications on OpenVMS. Distributed NetBeans supports Java, C/C++, Fortran, COBOL, Basic, Pascal, DCL, MMS, and GNV.

GNV (GNU's Not VMS) is an open source, GNU-based UNIX environment for OpenVMS that provides UNIX application developers, system managers, and users a UNIX-style environment on OpenVMS. This facilitates development and porting of UNIX software to OpenVMS.