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XML Technology for OpenVMS

» Download XML Technology for OpenVMS  (Updated July 2008)

HP is pleased to provide XML Technology for OpenVMS.

XML Technology for OpenVMS supports Java and C++ and comprises the following components:

  • XML Parser in Java and C++
    Based on the Apache XML Project's Xerces, which provides parsing and generation. The fully validating parser implements the W3C XML and DOM (Level 1 and 2) standards.

  • XSLT Stylesheet Processor in Java and C++
    Based on the Apache XML Project's Xalan, which provides high-performance XSLT stylesheet processing. It fully implements the W3C XSLT and XPath recommendations.

XML is the key data interchange standard for the Internet. Its widespread adoption is driven by its great versatility and relative simplicity as compared with earlier structured markup languages such as SGML.

XML Java Technology Version 2.0 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity Servers is based on Apache Xerces-Java Version 2.3.0 and Apache Xalan-Java Version 2.4.1.

This newly released XML Java Technology is the same version as the kit that was previously available on this web site. The difference between the kits is that this new kit is a PCSI kit instead of a JAR file, so the installation has been simplified. If you have previously installed XML Java Technology Version 2.0 for OpenVMS, you do not need to install this new kit.

XML C++ Technology Version 2.0-2 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity servers is based on Apache Xerces C Version 2.2.0 and Apache Xalan C Version 1.5.

XML C++ Technology Version 3.0 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity servers is based on Apache Xerces C Version 2.7.0 and Apache Xalan C Version 1.10.

Note: The Apache group has not guaranteed that the technology in version 3.0 is backwardly compatible with version 2.0-2. Please see the Apache web site http://xml.apache.org/ before upgrading.

» Overview
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» Documentation
» XML C requirements
   - Version 3.0 (OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers)
   - Version 2.0-2 (OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers)
» XML Java requirements
» Software support
» Licenses
» Copyrights and trademarks

XML Technology for OpenVMS is based on the open-source software developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is distributed by HP according to the terms of use set forth for Apache software in The Apache Software License, Version 1.1

OpenVMS versions of other Apache XML Project components are under consideration.

For comprehensive information about the Apache XML Project site, visit
» http://xml.apache.org/.

For comprehensive information about the XML specification, visit the W3C site:
» http://www.w3.org/XML/.