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HP DECnet-Plus

Network independence has never been easier.

Reach new heights of network integration by seamlessly combining the TCP/IP, DECnet, and OSI protocols. With DECnet-Plus, you can use DECnet, OSI, or both. Plus, you can run DECnet and OSI applications, unchanged, over TCP/IP products from HP or from third parties.

DECnet-Plus provides the full functionality of DECnet Phase IV, DECnet enhancements, and compatibility with TCP/IP and OSI, providing you with true network independence. DECnet-Plus, formerly DECnet/OSI, breaks traditional restrictions that have tied network applications to specific protocol suites.

Its adherence to the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) RFC1859 and RFC1006 industry standards ensures that you can run your applications of choice over your protocol of choice — DECnet, TCP/IP, and OSI.

All the power of DECnet — PLUS multi-protocol versatility

Upgrading to DECnet-Plus brings significant DECnet enhancements into your network, as well as enabling global communication between independent networks. In addition to supporting DECnet, TCP/IP, and OSI, DECnet-Plus also provides coexistence with PC LANs such as Microsoft LAN Manager, Novell NetWare, and AppleTalk — and integration with IBM(R) SNA and X.25 environments.

Because your choice of applications is no longer tied to a specific protocol, you have access to a very large portfolio of applications — user-written, supplied by HP, or a third-party.

PLUS increased ease-of-use

DECnet-Plus provides you with the easiest way to achieve the greatest degree of network independence. Integrated installation with OpenVMS and streamlined configuration combine with new host-based routing to make DECnet-Plus a networking solution that delivers the application independence you need with the cost-effective ease-of-use you want. There has never been a better time to upgrade.

DECnet-Plus features and benefits

Some of the important features and benefits of DECnet-Plus are listed below:
  • You choose the protocol and application — or combination of protocols and applications — that best meet your business needs. DECnet-Plus is flexible, providing support for Phase IV, TCP/IP, and OSI environments.
  • Integrated installation with OpenVMS makes moving to DECnet-Plus quick and easy. A Fast Configuration Option, which automatically converts a DECnet Phase IV configuration to a DECnet-Plus configuration, streamlines setup.
  • Host-based routing allows users to upgrade to the functionality of DECnet-Plus without sacrificing an important feature of DECnet Phase IV.
  • To provide enhanced network control, DECnet-Plus includes a task-oriented, graphical management tool.
  • "You get complete investment protection since DECnet-Plus supports older Phase IV applications, as well as 64-bit applications running on AlphaServer and I64 systems
  • You can employ DECnet-Plus on any industry-standard TCP/IP network. HP supports and actively encourages third-party TCP/IP implementations.
  • You'll gain smooth access to worldwide communications, thanks to HP's support of wide-area networking standards such as X.25.
  • You can use the naming service of your choice. DECnet-Plus provides these naming features:
    • Large Local File support for up to 100,000 nodes in a local naming database.
    • Distributed naming using DECdns.
    • Support for DNS/BIND, the TCP/IP online distributed database system for Internet addresses.

Proven expertise

HP's network-transport products such as DECnet-Plus and TCP/IP services for OpenVMS provide the foundation for HP's strategic direction in client/server computing. With a track record of many years of computer network integration, HP has the expertise to enable all your systems and users to communicate.

Protect your application investment

DECnet-Plus saves you time and money because you don't have to modify your existing applications.
  • DECnet applications can run over HP's TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, and they can run unchanged over such TCP/IP implementations as Process Software's TCPware, The Wollongong Group's Pathway Access, and TGV's MultiNet.
  • DECnet Phase IV applications will run in a DECnet-Plus environment, without modification.
  • DECnet-Plus (DECnet/OSI) and DECnet Phase IV systems can coexist transparently within a network.
  • DECnet-Plus integrates seamlessly with local-area networks like PATHWORKS and wide-area networks like X.25, ISDN, and SNA.

Upgrade in less than one hour

The basic installation process for DECnet-Plus is fast and smooth. As the default network protocol, DECnet-Plus is delivered on the OpenVMS boot CD, and is integrated into the OpenVMS installation script. Additionally, a Fast Configuration Option in DECnet-Plus allows you to configure DECnet-Plus quickly on an OpenVMS system by invoking the NET$CONFIGURE.COM procedure.

HP's built-in upgrade tools — including an NCP (Network Command Protocol) emulator and Large Local File support — further facilitate the move from DECnet Phase IV to DECnet-Plus. Large Local File support eliminates concerns over name space, and the NCP tools make NCL (Network Control Language) easy to learn and use.

Your network users won't even notice the upgrade taking place — the network remains up during the entire process. Since DECnet-Plus and Phase IV systems can coexist, you can begin to upgrade your network topology now and continue over time — at your own pace. You can switch over areas independently of each other, and even mix DECnet-Plus and Phase IV end-systems within areas.

With DECnet-Plus, you can continue to use either DECnet or OSI exclusively, or you can use both, as well as TCP/IP. DECnet-Plus integrates DECnet and OSI in the lower layers, where a variety of protocols can be shared by the upper layer applications. At the upper layers, separate protocol "towers" are maintained to provide specific services to network applications.

Backwards compatibility

DECnet Phase IV protocols will continue to be supported within DECnet-Plus. As with all implementations of the Network Architecture, DECnet-Plus is backwards compatible with the previous phase. This ensures transparent interoperability between systems running DECnet Phase IV and DECnet-Plus (DECnet/OSI).

Host-based routing

A popular feature of DECnet Phase IV, host-based routing is now available in DECnet-Plus V7.3 for OpenVMS. This cost-saving feature facilitates communication between DECnet Phase IV nodes and other DECnet or OSI nodes, decreasing the need for dedicated routers.

DECnet-Plus supports both the routing vector protocol and FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) large packets.

Enhanced management

DECnet-Plus' NCL delivers rich management services and utilities to give network system managers greater control of the network.

NCL is easy to use when implemented with a graphical user interface based on Motif(R). Other management tools and utilities include the Common Trace Facility (CTF), Event Dispatcher (EVD), and CMIP Management Listener (CML) to ease such tasks as network transport installation and configuration.

World-class, worldwide service

HP's extensive portfolio of service offerings is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We work closely with our Business Partners to provide you with top-notch assistance throughout the complete life cycle of your networking project — from planning and design to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

A proven provider of multivendor support, we service the leading client/server hardware, software, and networks you depend on in today's increasingly global enterprise computing environment. Our support network reaches worldwide, nonstop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

HP's family of network-transport products

  • DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS on VAX, Alpha and I64 systems
  • TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS on VAX, Alpha and I64 systems
  • X.25 for OpenVMS AlphaServer and I64 systems

Hardware and software requirements

OpenVMS v7.3 for VAX

OpenVMS v8.2 and V8.3 for AlphaServer and I64 systems

Ordering information

For Alpha and VAX systems:

DECnet-Plus v8.3 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems

QL-MTFA*-AA DECnet-Plus end system license (see notes)
QL-MTGA*-AA DECnet-Plus extended use license (see notes)
QL-MTHA*-AA DECnet-Plus end system to extended use upgrade

DECnet-Plus v7.3 for OpenVMS VAX Systems

QL-D04A*-AA DECnet-Plus end system license (see notes)
QL-D05A*-AA DECnet-Plus extended use license (see notes)
QL-D09A*-AA DECnet-Plus end system to extended use upgrade

HP TCP/IP Services v5.6 for OpenVMS

QL-0LXA*-AA Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
QL-0M2A*-AA Digital TCP/IP Client for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
QL-VHRA*-AA Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS VAX Systems
QL-GL7A*-AA Digital TCP/IP Client for OpenVMS VAX Systems

Wide Area Networking v2.0 Support

QL-0THA9-AA X.25 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
QL-0TWA*-AA X.25 Client for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
QA-03XAA-H8 OpenVMS Alpha Layered Product CD-ROM

For Integrity I64 systems

HP OpenVMS Integrity Enterprise Operating Environment (contains DECnet-Plus end system and TCP/IP Services)

BA451AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/ Sys
BA450AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/o Sys
BA397AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/ Sys
BA398AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/o Sys
BA327AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Unltd Proc w/ Sys
BA330AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU Unltd Proc w/oSys

HP OpenVMS Integrity Foundation Operating Environment (contains DECnet-Plus end system and TCP/IP Services)

BA452AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/o Sys
BA453AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/ Sys
BA325AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/ Sys
BA338AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/o Sys
BA326AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Unltd Proc w/oSys
BA329AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU Unltd Proc w/ Sys

HP OpenVMS Integrity Mission Critical Operating Environment (contains DECnet-Plus end system and TCP/IP Services)

BA328AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU Unltd Proc w/Sys
BA331AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU UnltdProc w/oSys
BA331AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU UnltdProc w/oSys
BA399AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/Sys
BA400AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU Max4 Proc w/oSys
BA454AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/oSys
BA455AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU Max2 Proc w/Sys

HP DECnet-Plus extended function for OpenVMS Integrity systems

BA406AC HP Dnet-Plus Ext Funct VMS I64 PCL LTU

HP X.25 for OpenVMS Integrity Systems



  • The DECnet-Plus end system license provides the right to use the base DECnet and OSI protocol stacks, FTAM, VT, DECdns Clerk, DECdts, and network management.
  • The DECnet-Plus extended function license provides the right to use all DECnet-Plus features of the end-system license plus host-based routing, OSI application gateways; OSI application APIs; cluster alias; and, on VAX platforms, the DECdns Server.
  • * License identifiers, where appropriate, for HP DECnet-Plus,TCP/IP, and \ X.25 products are:
Alpha E = Workgroup system
G = Departmental system
Q = Enterprise system
VAX B = Workgroup system
2 = Departmental system
5 = Enterprise system

More information

For more information about DECnet-Plus or any of HP's products, please contact your authorized HP business partner or local HP representative and visit the HP OpenVMS home page.