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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, version 5.5

HP TCP/IP services for OpenVMS, version 5.5 now supports both Integrity server and AlphaServer systems. TCP/IP is HP OVM's industry-standard implementation of the TCP/IP networking protocols on the OpenVMS operating system.

HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS is fully integrated with the OpenVMS operating system installation.

HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS provides interoperability and resource sharing among systems running OpenVMS, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and other operating systems that support TCP/IP.

In addition to the support of OpenVMS Integrity 64, TCP/IP Services version 5.5 provides major improvements in TCP/IP capabilities over the prior version.

TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, version 5.5

  • Major modifications in features and benefits
  • Support for heterogeneous environments
  • Easy to install
  • Worry-free operation
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved security features

Based on Berkeley Software Distribution Version, the TCP/IP kernel provides proven reliability and functionality, rapid introduction of new TCP and IP features, performance enhancements, and improved memory management. TCP/IP version 5.5 is designed to run on OpenVMS v8.2.

» Software product description for HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, version 5.5

Features and benefits

New and improved in version 5.5 of TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS:
  • FailSafe IP support for IPv6
  • Secure IMAP (IMAP/SSL)
  • IPv6 updates and enhancements
  • libpcap API Support
  • NTP upgraded to version 4.2
  • SSH upgraded to version 3.2 and supports IPv6
  • tcpdump upgraded to version 3.8.3
  • Updated Header Files in TCPIP$EXAMPLES