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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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X.25 for OpenVMS Integrity server and AlphaServer systems

HP X.25 for OpenVMS operating system enables appropriately configured systems to connect to an X.25 Packet Switched Data Network (PSDN) via an X.25 Relay node on the same Local Area Network (LAN), via a DNA Phase IV X.25 connector node, or directly using a synchronous controller card for AlphaServer systems.

This product supports communication via PSDNs conforming to ITU/TSS recommendation X.25 1980, 1984, and 1988, or to international standard ISO 8208. Please refer to the SUPPORTED PUBLIC NETWORKS section for the list of supported PSDNs.

HP X.25 v2.0 supports OpenVMS operating system for AlphaServer system version 8.2 and Integrity server version 8.2 and 8.2-1. X.25 v2.0 for OpenVMS AlphaServer system contains synchronous device drivers and is required when using synchronous communications options.

Note:HP X.25 for Integrity server does not support synchronous device drivers and synchronous communications options.

HP X.25 for OpenVMS operating system also provides the device drivers and specific data link protocol support for HP's synchronous communications options for AlphaServer systems.

HP X.25 for OpenVMS operating system allows the system to:

  • Connect to other X.25 implementations using RFC 1613 (also known as XOT) via a TCP/IP wide area network
  • Act as a Gateway Access Protocol (GAP) server for Phase V GAP clients
  • Act as an X.25 Connector system for DECnet-Plus X.25 Access systems
  • Act as a packet-mode DTE connected to a supported PSDN
  • Support ISO 8208 DTE to DTE point-to-point operation
  • Act as a packet-mode DTE connected to a LAN
  • Act as an X.25 relay node conforming to ISO Technical Report 10029
  • Provide an X.25 sub-network for DECnet-Plus CONS and CLNS operation
  • Provide a DEC-HDLC point-to-point data link for DECnet-Plus CLNS operation
  • Act as a combination of the above, chosen on a per- DTE basis

More information

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