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CDSA for OpenVMS Source Code

» Download CDSA Version 2.4 Source Code
» Expand the Self-Extracting File
» Restore the Backup Saveset

IMPORTANT  Source code kits are provided "as-is" and without any support from HP. The binaries resulting from a build from either modified or unmodified source code are unsupported. HP provides support, via OpenVMS software services contracts, only for HP supplied binaries.

Download the CDSA for OpenVMS Source Code Kit

» Download CDSA Version 2.4 Source Code for OpenVMS Alpha (October 2010)
» Download CDSA Version 2.4 Source Code for OpenVMS Integrity servers (October 2010)

The CDSA for OpenVMS sources are for inspection purposes only. CDSA will not build from the sources provided.

Expand the Self-Extracting File

To expand the CDSA for OpenVMS source kit self-extracting file, enter one of he following commands, depending on the platform on which you will expand the file:

$ RUN CDSA_V24_SOURCES.ZIPEXE_I64    !  for OpenVMS Integrity servers

At the Decompress into (file specification):  prompt, press return. The system expands the file and names the decompressed file CDSA_V24_SOURCES.BCK.

Restore the Backup Saveset

If you are restoring the sources on a system where you installed CDSA for OpenVMS, HP recommends that you unpack the CDSA sources into a directory tree separate from your CDSA installation. For example, if you installed CDSA in SYS$COMMON, we recommend that you do not unpack the CDSA sources in SYS$COMMON:[000000...].

To restore the CDSA sources backup saveset, enter the following commands:

$ CREATE/DIR disk:[directory]
$ BACKUP CDSA_V24_SOURCES/SAVE disk:[directory...]*.*

Where disk:[directory] is the location where you want to restore the sources. This will create a directory tree under disk:[directory].

Export Compliance

IMPORTANT  When you download the CDSA source code kit, you agree to the terms in the Export Compliance Statement.

Many governments, including the United States, have restrictions on the import and export of cryptographic algorithms. Please ensure that your use of encryption is in compliance with all national and international laws that apply to you.


Hewlett-Packard Company is subject to export laws of the U.S. and of the country of transaction. Customer agrees that he/she is not prohibited by the U.S. or other government export control regulations from receiving this software or technical data. You certify that products purchased hereunder may be subject to U.S. and national export control regulations and acknowledge that any military purpose and the following activities are prohibited:

  1. All types of activities related to nuclear explosives, devices and components

  2. All types of activities related to nuclear reactors, critical facility, nuclear fuel, conversion of nuclear material, storage installation, where there is no obligation to accept International Atomic Energy Agency (AEA) safeguards

  3. All types of activities related to safeguarded and un-safeguarded nuclear fuel cycle for such facilities: for processing of irradiated nuclear or source material, production of heavy water, separation of isotopes and fabrication of nuclear fuel

  4. The design, development or production of missiles

  5. The design, development, stockpiling or use of chemical or biological weapons

Customer further acknowledges that it will not require Hewlett-Packard Company to accept unauthorized boycott terms of sale.

If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact your local HP sales office, or email: codeword_europe@hp.com, or write to:

HP Software Licensing
Hewlett-Packard Galway Limited
Ballybrit Business Park
Galway, Ireland

All trademarks are the sole property of their owners.