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A day in the life of OpenVMS

You may not know it, but OpenVMS runs many of the systems you depend on every day. This presentation shows how OpenVMS affects the everyday lives of people like you and me.

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» Celebrations of the OpenVMS 30th anniversary around the world.

OpenVMS today

»  Securing your future with HP—Moving forward with OpenVMS [pdf]—This document provides strategies and resources for evolving your OpenVMS environment to the HP Integrity server ecosystem.
»  OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 on HP Integrity servers data sheet [pdf]
»  Enabling business for 30 years with OpenVMS reliability [pdf]—As we celebrate 30 years of OpenVMS, HP commits to advancing the technology and enabling organizations in a variety of sectors that rely on it to drive business outcomes and promote differentiation.
»  OpenVMS @30—The ride of a lifetime [pps]—OpevnVMS 30th anniversary presentation.
»  OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and HP BladeSystem: Promoting greater business outcomes for the world's most demanding nterprises [pdf]—Brochure.
»  OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 announcment—The 30th anniversary edition of the OpenVMS operating system includes all the capabilities of its predecessor, and introduces new features and hardware support.
»  OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 FAQs—Answers to frequently asked questions about the latest OpenVMS software release.
»  Acision [video]—Acision uses HP OpenVMS running on HP Integrity servers and HP Blades to help deliver more than half of the world's text and multimedia messages and serve three quarters of all videomail users.
»  Deutsche Börse [video]—The largest financial exchange organization in the world uses HP OpenVMS running on HP Integrity servers to keep their electronic markets, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, up and running.
»  OpenVMS on Integrity server blades for HP BladeSystem c-Class [pdf]—The innovative BladeSystem c-Class architecture is simply a smarter foundation on which to build an infrastructure to support the vital applications that businesses require. (September 2007)
»  Performance comparison: HP OpenVMS on HP AlphaServer and HP Integrity systems [pdf]—HP and customer tests compare the performance of applications running on OpenVMS AlphaServer and OpenVMS Integrity systems. Results strongly indicate that OpenVMS users can obtain substantial performance improvements on the HP Integrity server platform. Moreover, ongoing enhancements in the OpenVMS operating system itself can also improve application performance. (September 2007)
»  Quantifying the total cost of ownership (TCO) for entry-level and mid-range server clusters [pdf]—This whitepaper compares HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS against IBM/AIX and Sun/Solaris. OpenVMS Integrity servers consistently perform with significantly lower TCO when considering real-life environments, application uptime, system management, and typical life cycles. (June 2007) Posted with permission from TechWise Research, Inc.
»  Quantifying the total cost of upgrading HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers [pdf]—This whitepaper provides a detailed cost analysis for upgrading OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS Integrity servers. The analysis shows that companies cannot afford not to upgrade from HP AlphaServer to Integrity systems. (April 2007) Posted with permission from TechWise Research, Inc.
»  Hack-proof and crash resistant—have you discovered the OS world's best-kept secret?—ComputerWeekly.com, July 2004.