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A day in the life of OpenVMS

This presentation is intended to provide a few examples of where and how OpenVMS is used. It is not an all-inclusive list.

Company logos included in this presentation are the property of their respective companies. HP is grateful to the organizations that have granted permission for the use of their logos.

No representation is made other than these companies have OpenVMS installed as part of their IT environment.

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Meet Mark and Marcia

Did you ever stop to think about how technology affects your daily life? Mark and Marcia are a typical suburban couple who commute to their jobs in the city. This is the behind-the scenes story of how HP OpenVMS impacts their day.
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For breakfast, Mark and Marcia each have a bowl of their favorite cereal

If it comes in a package, your breakfast may have been produced with help from OpenVMS. Several major consumer packaged goods producers depend on the real-time capabilities of OpenVMS to provide them with up-to-the-minute information and control in their manufacturing facilities.

Graphic logo: Farsons

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Mark commutes to work in his new car

Many of the world's top auto manufacturers use OpenVMS to control production. It's also used on such areas as power distribution and chemical manufacturing.

Graphic logo: Audi AG

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Mark arrives at his job at a major financial institution

Every day, trillions of dollars in transactions are powered by OpenVMS. Leading banks, and Financial institutions rely on it for speed, accuracy and security.

Graphic logo: ISE , Deutsche Börse, U DST International, Aftech, Bank Austria, AIG

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Marcia works from home on her powerful new computer

If you use anything that contains a microprocessor, such as a laptop, a server, or a phone, that chip was probably produced using OpenVMS. More than 90-percent of the world's microprocessors are manufactured by processes controlled by this disaster tolerant operating system.

Graphic logo: Philips

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At lunchtime, Marcia rents a movie

With its real-time capabilities and high availability, OpenVMS powers many point of sale, supply chain and distribution environments – including the POS application at a leading video rental operation.

Graphic logo: Saturn, Knapp, HighJump

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Marcia upgrades her mobile phone to a newer model

Nearly every time you activate a new phone, use text messaging, or a pay your wireless bill, you're doing so with systems built on HP OpenVMS. In fact, more than 60-precent of the world's SMS messaging is managed by OpenVMS systems.

Graphic logo: Cable and Wireless, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon, Alfa Mobile, Delta Telecom

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Mark visits the hospital for his annual physical

Since the early days of its development, OpenVMS has been a mainstay of the healthcare industry. It's used to power such crucial areas as hospital information systems, labs, radiology and admission-discharge-transfer systems.

Graphic logo: London Health Sciences Centre, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, BryanLGH Medical Center, Children's Hospital Boston, University of Michigan Health System

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Since he's feeling lucky, Mark decides to play the lottery

Many of the world's lotteries and other electronic gaming systems run their applications on OpenVMS systems. This industry requires an IT infrastructure that's secure, available and disaster tolerant.

Graphic logo: Computerized Bookmaking Systems, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., the Austrian Lottery

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Mark drives a friend from work to the rental car agency

HP OpenVMS keeps major transportation organizations running – keeping freight moving, trains running and rental cars in the right place at the right time. Two of the world's largest car rental companies use OpenVMS in their order booking system and many other transportation organizations use it to control their systems.

Graphic logo: Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Belgian Rail, ProRail, Southeast Freight lines

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Back at home, Mark and Marcia enjoy a refreshing after-work beverage

Some of the world's greatest breweries depend on OpenVMS to control their production lines. Many other process manufacturers rely on OpenVMS as well.

Graphic logo: Kirin, SPC, Mibrag, Tata , Quanta Computer

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After dinner, they watch the game on satellite TV

Because OpenVMS delivers up to 100-percent application availability, a large number of cable, satellite TV and other media systems depend on it to run critical applications.

Graphic logo: Thrane and Thrane, NDR1, DirecTV

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At bedtime, they go to sleep in the comfortable beds they got from a Swedish furniture retailer

Large manufacturers and retailers rely on OpenVMS for their manufacturing control operations, distribution and logistics and point of sale systems.

Graphic logo: Douglas Furniture, Lutz, KAYCEE, PKE Electronics, Ackermans

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Mark and Marcia sleep safely and soundly

Perhaps the most dramatic use of OpenVMS is in applications you'll never know about. Many governments, defense agencies, defense contractors and top secret agencies count on it for security, availability and disaster tolerance. OpenVMS keeps you running all day, and lets you sleep soundly at night.

Graphic logo: City of Ventura, City of Fontana, Department of Veterans Affairs, Esme School of Engineering, Politechnico Di Torino

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