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AXIS2 for OpenVMS

 Download Axis2 Version 1.1-1 for OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers  (September 2012)
 Download Axis2 Version 1.1 for OpenVMS Integrity servers  (July 2011)
 Download Axis2 Version 1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers  (September 2008)

Hewlett-Packard is pleased to provide you with an HP-supported, customer release version of AXIS2 for HP OpenVMS on Alpha server and Integrity server systems. AXIS2 for OpenVMS Version 1.1 runs on OpenVMS Integrity servers Version 8.2 and later, and Version 1.1-1 and 1.0 runs on OpenVMS Integrity servers Version 8.2 and later, and OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-2 and later.

AXIS2 for OpenVMS replaces the SOAP Toolkit for OpenVMS. All future new features and enhancements will be provided beginning with AXIS2 Version 1.0 for OpenVMS. HP will continue to support the latest version (Version 2.0) of the SOAP Toolkit for OpenVMS.

Apache AXIS2 for OpenVMS is the core engine for web services. It is a complete redesign and rewrite of the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack.

AXIS2 for OpenVMS provides a complete port of the Apache AXIS2 1.3 project. In addition, AXIS2 for OpenVMS also provides a prebuilt Java Servlet which can be deployed within an application server such as Tomcat.

For more information on installation and deployment of AXIS2 for OpenVMS, see the AXIS2 V1.1-1 Readme File.

For more information about the Apache AXIS2 project, see http://ws.apache.org/axis2/.

To deploy the AXIS2 servlet, copy the file Axis2$ROOT:[openvms]axis2.war to your Tomcat web apps directory. For example:

$ COPY AXIS2$ROOT:[openvms]axis2.war -

After this file is copied, you can verify that AXIS2 for OpenVMS is deployed correctly by accessing the following web address:


From this page you can validate that the AXIS2 Tomcat application has access to all of the required jar files.

Note: Copy the axis2.war file into ‘WEBAPPS’ directory of CSWS_JAVA in lower case. CSWS_JAVA deploys multiple instances of application when more than one WAR files are copied in ‘WEBAPPS’ directory or if it contains already deployed application with all files having the same name but in different case.

For more information on AXIS2 for OpenVMS pages, see the following:

 Download Axis2 for OpenVMS
 Software Support and Feedback
 Readme File
   - Version 1.1-1
   - Version 1.1
   - Version 1.0





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