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Source Kits and Build Instructions

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» Building FWB (based on Mozilla Firefox) on OpenVMS

IMPORTANT Source code kits and build instructions are provided "as-is" and without any support from HP. The binaries resulting from a build from either modified or unmodified source code are unsupported. HP provides support, via OpenVMS software services contracts, only for HP supplied binaries.

The build instructions are guidelines only and will require modification and customization for the OpenVMS environment used for the build. Other build prerequisites, such as compilers, might also exist.


The following instructions are intended to serve as a guide for building Firefox Web Browser (based on Mozilla Firefox) on OpenVMS. The instructions assume that the reader is a knowledgeable, experienced OpenVMS developer. This provide information on the tools and processes that OpenVMS Engineering team uses to build Firefox Web Browser (FWB), but they are not step-by-step directions.

With all the prerequisite hardware and software configured correctly, follow these steps to build FWB on OpenVMS:

  • Download FWB sources
  • Download build tools
  • Download kitting tools

Note: The build takes significant amount of time. For example, on a 667Mhz DS20E AlphaStation, building a non-debug version of Mozilla takes about 12 hours. However, on a 900MHz, HP rx2600 Itanium, it takes about 10 hours.


The following downloads are required to obtain the source code and associated build tools:

» Download FWB V2.0-18 Sources

» Download the following build tools and utilities:

» GTK for OpenVMS
» OpenVMS Porting Library
» LibIDL for OpenVMS
» GNV for OpenVMS
» Perl for OpenVMS
» Integrity servers Build tools
» Integrity servers Kitting tools

IMPORTANT: Export restrictions for the Mozilla source code

This source code is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including Denied Parties, entities on the Bureau of Export Administration Entity List, and Specially Designated Nationals).

Software Prerequisites and Configuration

System Software

The following system software is required:

  • OpenVMS V8.2-1 or higher
  • HP C V7.1 or higher
  • HP C++ V7.2 or higher
  • GNV V1.6-2 or later
  • Perl V5.8 or later
  • Build GTK, OPL, LIBIDL from sources (links are provided above)
  • ODS-5 disk

Account Quotas

The build account should have the following quotas as a minimum:

Maxjobs:      0  Fillm:    5000  Bytlm:   20000000
Maxacctjobs:  0  Shrfillm:    0  Pbytlm:         0
Maxdetach:    0  BIOlm:     500  JTquota:     4096
Prclm:       50  DIOlm:     500  WSdef:    1000000
Prio:         4  ASTlm:     500  WSquo:    1000000
Queprio:      4  TQElm:     200  WSextent: 1000000
CPU:      (none) Enqlm:    3000  Pgflquo:  7000000

Disk Space

In addition to the disk space requirements for the prerequisite software, the following is also required:

  • 500,000(confirm the block size) blocks for the source code area
  • 6,841,724 (confirm the block size) blocks for a non-debug build area and/or 10,418,680 blocks for a debug area

Building FWB (Based on Mozilla Firefox) on OpenVMS

The Firefox Web Browser (FWB) for OpenVMS Integrity servers are built from Mozilla sources. Some of the files are modified to run FWB on OpenVMS and a few files were modified/replaced to provide the branding. The build procedure for FWB is identical to Mozilla.

FWB V2.0-18 (based on Mozilla Firefox V2.0.0.18) is used as a sample example throughout this section. The directory structure will change based on user's environment. So, adjust system specific logicals and symbol variables to match with your system.

  • Download build tools and copy them on to OpenVMS Integrity servers system
    • $RUN fwb_i64_buildtools.sfx_i64exe to generate a .bck file
    • Run the BACKUP command to restore the .bck file
  • Copy .bashrc file to your sys$login directory
  • Download FWB V2.0-18 source code and do the following;
    • $RUN fwb_I64_V2018source.sfx_i64exe to generate a .bck file
    • Run the BACKUP command to restore the .bck file
  • Run fwb_I64_build_setup.com or an equivalent collection of commands gets executed

For example, FWB and GNV logicals will get defined like this:

FWB logicals


"LIBMOZJS_MAP" = "moz_objroot:[js.src].map"
"MOZ_OBJROOT" = "dka0:[v1112_inprog.]"
"MOZ_SRCROOT" = "dka0:[v1112_inprog.mozilla.]"	
GNV logicals


"GNV_LINK_LIB_TYPES" = "so exe a" 
Setting up Configure

Run configure like this,

$ sh fwb_i64_run_config

Once the configure is done successfully, copy the LIBGFXPSSHAR_SYMVEC.OPT file to the destination directory:

 $ copy/log moz_srcroot:[gfx.src.psshared]LIBGFXPSSHAR_SYMVEC.OPT 
_$ moz_objroot:[gfx.src.psshared]

Run fwb_i64_batch_build.com like this,

$ @fwb_i64_batch_build

This submits a command file of the same name for batch processing. Your log file will be moz_objroot:[000000]build.log. Assuming the current best case situation, the build will run for about nine hours on an RX2600 or similar.

You can then run your copy of Mozilla with:

$ set default moz_objroot:[dist.bin]
$ set display/create ... if necessary
$ @mozilla
After the Build
  1. Download kitting tools and copy them on to OpenVMS Integrity servers system
    • $RUN fwb_i64_kittingtools.sfx_i64exe to generate a .bck file
    • Run the BACKUP command to restore the ..bck file
  2. After building FWB you are left with a directory tree of moz_objroot:[dist.bin...]. Make a copy of this tree, namely, $ backup moz_objroot:[dist.bin...]*.*;* dka0:[mozstaging...]
  3. Make sure all files are owned by [SYSTEM]
  4. Run fwb_i64_tidy.com from the staging directory,
    $ set default dka0:[mozstaging]
    $ @dka0:[ledoux.mozkitting]fwb_i64_tidy
  5. Running this command file does some general cleanup and puts the xpt files together for better performance. The last thing it does is instruct you to run the delete command mentioned above. This is just a delete [...]*.dir;*/log command to get rid of empty directories. Repeat this command until all empty directories are deleted.
  6. Make sure the command: define/user decc$efs_charset enable is present in the mozilla.com file in the staging directory.
  7. Set the default back to dka0:[ledoux.mozkitting].
  8. Run the fwb_i64_make_a_kit.com, you will be left with the PCSI kits and the SFXEXE kits.

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