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OpenVMS IPsec

» Download HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS T5.7 featuring IPsec Early Adopter's Kit  (August 2007)

Hewlett-Packard is pleased to provide you with an early adopter's kit (EAK) of HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS T5.7 featuring OpenVMS IPsec on AlphaServer and Integrity server systems. This EAK runs on OpenVMS Version 8.3 and higher.

HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS IPsec provides an infrastructure to allow secure communications (authentication, integrity, confidentiality) over IP-based networks between systems and devices that implement the IPsec protocol suite.

OpenVMS IPsec offers protection against replay attacks, packet tampering, and spoofing -- and it keeps others from viewing critical data such as passwords and financial information sent over the Internet.

For more information, see the following OpenVMS IPsec pages:

» Download OpenVMS IPsec
» Documentation
» Software Support and Feedback

Features and Benefits

Some of the benefits of OpenVMS IPsec are:

  • Adheres to all relevant IPsec standards, including IKE (Internet Key Exchange) for automated key generation.
  • Easily adopted and transparent to existing applications. Protects the customer's investment.
  • Demonstrated multi-vendor interoperability (future)
  • Allows secure tunnels between business partners to be set up and torn down quickly and easily
  • Thwarts attacks by encrypting data transmitted between two authenticated servers
  • Host-based authentication:
    • preshared keys
    • Digital certificates (future)
  • Full stateful packet inspection firewall
  • Command line interface (CLI) for policy configuration:
    • ipsec_config configuration utility based on the HP-UX IPSec ipsec_config utility
    • profile file to provide default parameter values that can be modified by the user
    • flexible rule-based security attribute and access control policy configurations -- allows combinations of IP addresses, prefix lengths, ports, and protocols in specifying security attributes configuration and packet filtering
    • dynamic configuration and batch mode for bulk configuration
  • Focused on end-system IPsec. OpenVMS IPsec can communicate with other end-systems (transport mode) or VPN gateways (tunnel mode).