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SNORT for OpenVMS Source Code

» Download Snort 2.8-531A Source Code
» Expand Self-Extracting File
» Restore Backup Saveset
» Setup and Build

IMPORTANT  Source code kits and build instructions are provided "as-is" and without any support from HP. The binaries resulting from a build from either modified or unmodified source code are unsupported.  

The build instructions are guidelines only and will require modification and customization for the OpenVMS environment used for the build. Other build prerequisites, such as compilers, might also exist.

Download V2.8-531A Source Code Kit

» Download Snort Version 2.8-531A for OpenVMS Integrity servers Source Code Kit (August 2010)

Expand Self-Extracting File

To expand the Snort for OpenVMS source kit self-extracting file, enter the following command:
  $ RUN SNORT-V0208-531A_SRC.ZIPEXE      

The system expands the file and names the decompressed file SNORT-V0208-531A.BCK.

Restore Backup Saveset

Important: If you are restoring the sources on a system where you installed Snort for OpenVMS, HP recommends that you unpack the Snort sources into a directory tree separate from your Snort installation. For example, if you installed Snort in SYS$COMMON, HP recommends that you do not unpack the Snort sources in SYS$COMMON:[000000...].

To restore the Snort sources backup saveset, enter the following commands:

  $ BACKUP SNORT-V0208-531A.BCK/SAV disk:[*...]

Where disk is the disk device where you want to unpack the sources.

This process creates a directory called [SNORT_BUILDS] and then unpacks the build tree into that directory. The final directory structure is similar to the following:


Setup and build

Refer OpenVMS Guide to Build and Run Snort to setup and build Snort.

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Snort is a registered trademark of Sourcefire, Inc.