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Quick facts

DECforms is a software product used to create and run software applications that display online forms which contain text, data, and simple graphics on workstations and terminals. An operator using a DECforms form can read and enter form data and manipulate the data as your program allows.

DECforms can be used as a user interface to another product, such as ACMS, or on its own. The types of applications that DECforms is used to run vary from hotel reservation systems to complex medical document routing.

Developing DECforms applications

DECforms is based on the Form Interface Management System (FIMS) standard, which specifies an architecture that greatly simplifies the application development process. The key features of this architecture are:
  • Separation of a form from its function
  • Device independence
  • Validation
  • Efficient distribution in a network
  • Programming language independence

You can create a DECforms form interactively, using the Forms Development Environment (FDE), or by using any OpenVMS text editor to create statements in IFDL,the Independent Form Description Language.

The DECforms Form Manager is the run-time component of DECforms. It controls the interaction of the form with the operator and the application program.

DECforms features and benefits

  • DECforms supports the full range of OpenVMS VAX, Alpha, and Integrity servers.
  • Utilities are included to facilitate the conversion of FMS forms into DECforms forms.
  • Utilities are available from a 3rd party to facilitate the conversion of TDMS forms into DECforms forms.
  • Makes applications easier to learn and use
  • With Motif, DECforms offers a rich suite of graphical interface elements: menus, buttons, mouse click-and-drag, and more
  • Supports both Motif- and VT-based forms development
  • Complete User Interface Management System (UIMS)
  • Supports business-critical applications
  • Compatible with popular third-party application development products
  • Full internationalization features