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HP DECset for HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and VAX systems

An integrated programming toolset


HP DECset is a powerful, integrated programming toolset that supports low-level design, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance activities for a variety of applications and projects. HP DECset is an efficient environment populated with robust tools and unique capabilities, providing the same look and feel and consistent functionality across heterogeneous systems and diverse languages.


  • HP DECset is a common toolset for multiple application types. It can be used to develop and maintain a broad spectrum of applications.
  • HP DECset provides consistent functionality on HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and VAX systems to minimize training costs and provide flexibility of platform choice.
  • With HP DECset, programmers can use a common set of tools for separate applications written in different languages. HP DECset supports multiple languages, including Ada, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, and Pascal.

HP DECset capabilities include

  • tools for designing test suites, performing regression testing, and analyzing test coverage
  • extensive language sensitivity that includes language templates and online language help; and the ability to compile, review, and correct compile-time errors within a single session
  • graphical source code analysis, including data structure information and customizable graphical views
  • HP DECset is supported on HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, AlphServer systems, and VAX systems.

  • A programming environment for all applications

    With HP DECset, programmers can use can use one environment to satisfy multiple needs. HP DECset can be used to develop and maintain all applications—from business-transaction processing and production systems to embedded, real-time software. The availability of a common toolset for multiple application types helps control investments in application development and minimizes training needs.

    A multi-platform toolset

    HP DECset provides consistent functionality across platforms, enhancing productivity and user portability. HP DECset tools and functions are easily applied with minimal training, decreasing development time.

    With HP DECset, developers can use a single, integrated programming environment to develop applications on HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and VAX systems for HP OpenVMS Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, or VAX systems targets.

    A scaleable programming environment

    The HP DECset programming toolset is suitable for all software projects, no matter the size or complexity.

    Comprehensive test support

    The HP Digital Test Manager (DTM) and the HP Performance and Coverage Analyzer (PCA) provide test support. The HP DTM organizes and automates the software regression testing process. It is used to run, review, and store software regression tests and test results. When a user designs suites of tests to be used as benchmarks, HP DECset checks which parts of a program have been exercised by a given test.

    When a benchmark is established, HP DECset automatically compares subsequent test results against the benchmark to check that software modifications have not caused an application to regress, ensuring high performance and quality. It saves significant time when developing portable applications that must exhibit expected behavior across platforms.

    Graphical user interfaces make HP DECset testing tools easy to use, and they save time during the testing phase. For example, HP DECset allows users to create tests for Motif-based applications quickly and easily by simply recording mouse movements. HP DECset highlights test differences down to a single pixel.

    In addition to Motif-based applications, HP DECset can be used to test character-cell-based applications.

    Extensive language sensitivity

    Language sensitivity is the hallmark of the HP Language Sensitive Editor/Source Code Analyzer (LSE/SCA). Built-in knowledge of multiple languages and integration between the editor, compilers, and the analyzer lets users compile, review, and correct compile-time errors without leaving the editor.

    Language templates are available to assist both novice and experienced programmers. Online language help and pull-down command menus are also available for more detailed assistance. These features decrease development time while increasing software quality.

    Graphical source code analysis

    Among the unique features of the HP Source Code Analyzer (SCA) are the call tree and the graphical data structure. HP SCA's user interface is flexible, so users can view data according to their personal preference. Clicking on any part of the display focuses the HP Language Sensitive Editor (LSE) on the corresponding source code.

    Environment Manager

    Environment Manager provides users with a single mechanism for tailoring the execution environment for a set of HP DECset tools.

    HP DECset components

    HP DECset components support comprehensive software coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance activities on HP OpenVMS. The HP DECset components provide command-line, DECwindows Motif, and callable routine interfaces. Each component is available either individually or as part of the DECset package.

    • HP Code Management System (CMS)—a file librarian and version management system that manages all RMS ASCII or non-ASCII files, including source code, documentation, command, object, executable, and test files. It also keeps track of all changes made to project files during development.

    • HP Digital Test Manager (DTM)—a tool that automates the creation, maintenance, and running of test procedures. Based on regression-testing methodology, HP DTM automatically evaluates test results and compares current results against benchmark results.

    • HP Language Sensitive Editor/Source Code Analyzer (LSE/SCA)—a powerful editor with a built-in knowledge of supported languages. LSE/SCA is integrated with the HP OpenVMS debugger and provides source code graphical browsing and static analysis. HP LSE/SCA interacts with HP CMS and the HP OpenVMS debugger to provide an interactive environment that facilitates the NAVIGATE-EDIT-COMPILE-DEBUG portion of the program development cycle. Users can compile, review, and correct compile-time errors within the editor.

    • HP Module Management System (MMS)—a software system builder for HP DECset users, HP MMS simplifies application building. HP MMS stores the complex dependencies and relationships that exist among components of a software system and can assemble the system whenever and however requested. It can optimize the build process by automatically determining which components of a software system have changed since the last system build, and recompile and link only those modules.

    • HP Performance and Coverage Analyzer (PCA)—a tool for pinpointing runtime bottlenecks and when combined with the HP DTM tool, determines which segments of code have executed during testing.

    HP DECset clients for CMS and MMS on AlphaServer systems

    HP DECset clients for CMS and MMS provide fast, easy access from the desktop PC to HP Code Management System (CMS) libraries and frequently used HP CMS and HP MMS functions that reside on HP OpenVMS systems.