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HP DECset is a powerful, integrated programming toolset that supports the coding, testing, and maintenance phase of software development. Providing consistent functionality on HP Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and VAX systems, HP DECset supports multiple languages and improves software development productivity.

The following links offer more information about HP DECset:
» HP OpenVMS Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems SPD
» HP OpenVMS VAX systems SPD
» HP DECset brochure
» HP DECset documentation
» Consulting and training
» HP DECset components

HP DECset components

The following are components of the DECset software development tool set:

HP Code Management System (CMS)—an online file librarian and version management system that helps track software development and maintenance. CMS stores files such as source code, documentation, and object files; tracks all work done to files; and provides historical information and the ability to reconstruct any version of a stored file.

HP Digital Test Manager (DTM)—a tool that automates the creation, maintenance, and running of test procedures. Based on regression testing methodology, DTM automatically evaluates test results and compares current results against benchmark results.

HP Language Sensitive Editor/Source Code Analyzer (LSE/SCA)—an application that works with CMS and the HP OpenVMS debugger to provide an interactive environment that facilitates the NAVIGATE-EDIT-COMPILE-DEBUG portion of the program development cycle. LSE/SCA enables users to compile, review, and correct compile-time errors within the editor.

HP Module Management System (MMS)—a software system builder that simplifies the development of applications by storing complex dependencies and relationships that exist among components of a software system. MMS optimizes the build process by tracking the complex dependencies and relationships that exist between software components, and rebuilds only those components that have changed since the last system build.

HP Performance and Coverage Analyzer (PCA)—a tool that enables users to pinpoint execution bottlenecks in application programs. PCA works in concert with HP Language Sensitive Editor (LSE) and HP Digital Test Manager (DTM).