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Can I use LDAP to access and update HP Enterprise Directory?

Yes. Both LDAPv2 and LDAPv3 are supported. For full details, see the Software Product Descriptions (SPDs):
» HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2
» HP Tru64 UNIX Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2

Does HP Enterprise Directory conform to the X.500 standards?

Yes. For full details, see the SPDs:
» HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2
» HP Tru64 UNIX Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2

I've heard of DSAs and DUAs. What are they, and does HP Enterprise Directory provide both?

A DSA is a Directory Service Agent, which is the directory itself. A DUA is a Directory User Agent, which is software for browsing and using the directory. HP Enterprise Directory provides both.

How do I manage the DSA and its entries?

There are two choices. For those that wish to deploy over a pure TCP/IP network, use HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2, which is supplied with HP Enterprise Directory. This is a secure, Java-based GUI for all system management and administration tasks required by the directory.

If DECnet-Plus is the preferred network, HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2 can continue to be utilized working over RFC1006, or you can manage the DSA with the DECnet-Plus Network Control Language. HP Enterprise Directory provides three options for modifying entries: a command-line interface, a Motif GUI, or HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2.

Can my DSAs and DUAs be on distinct operating systems?

Yes. Also, as they conform to the X.500 standards, HP Enterprise Directory products can work together with the DSAs or DUAs of any other conformant supplier.

Can I use a secure link to HP Enterprise Directory?

Yes. LDAPv3 has a provision for the negotiation of SSL running over standard TCP/IP connections. HP Enterprise Directory v5.4, when running on either Tru64 UNIX with the appropriate object libraries or OpenVMS v7.3-2 and later, can negotiate the use of a secure link when using LDAPv3.

Note that in the present release, this facility is restricted to the LDAPv3 negotiated SSL port.

Can I use HP Enterprise Directory to hold my HP Office Server or ALL-IN-1 directory?


I already use HP Office Server with an X.500 directory. But, I want to use Microsoft Outlook as a mail client using HP MAILbus 400 MTA as the backbone sending and receiving X.400. Is that possible?

Yes, but the MAILbus 400 MTA needs to keep its addressing information in a part of the directory separate from your present organizational information. See the HP Office Server v5.0 Planning and Setup Guide for details.

Note that this book was not updated for Office Server v6.1, but it contains the necessary information for an X.500 setup.)

Must I pay a license fee to use the HP Enterprise Directory?

On OpenVMS systems, no. The license is included with the license for the operating system.

On Tru64 UNIX systems, yes. You must still pay a separate license fee, as for previous versions.

Where do I get the HP Enterprise Directory v5.4 kit?

The HP Enterprise Directory v5.4 kit is available on the following CD-ROMs:

  • OpenVMS on Integrity servers v8.2 Foundation Operating Environment (FOE)
  • OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems e-Biz v2.2
  • OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems Software Products Library
  • Tru64 UNIX Software Products Library

How long does it take to install HP Enterprise Directory?

Installing HP Enterprise Directory takes about a minute. The length of time taken to configure a directory system will vary according to the system's configuration.

Does HP Enterprise Directory support LDIF?

Support for LDIF has not been provided in HP Enterprise Directory because it would simply be duplicating work already done by the HP LDAP Directory Synchronizer Utility (LDSU).