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HP Enterprise Directory Version 5.4

HP Enterprise Directory v5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory v2.2 enables users to:

  • Keep large amounts of all kinds of data in a secure directory
  • Spread a large directory over several servers
  • Control access to directory data in a range of ways

The HP Enterprise Directory product can be used to implement a distributed network directory service following the ITU–T (formerly 'CCITT') X.500 Recommendations. These recommendations split the functions of the directory between one or more Directory System Agents (DSAs), where all information is held, and one or more Directory User Agents (DUAs), from which all inquiries and other directory actions are made. HP Enterprise Directory v5.4 is available on OpenVMS on Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and Tru64 UNIX.

Using the X.500 model, departments and organizations may adopt an incremental independent approach to the establishment of a directory service using conforming products from multiple vendors. These separate implementations may then be connected together to provide a single logical directory service that spans the department, the organization, the region, or the world.

The directory may contain information on anything of interest; typically people, systems, network resources, Public Key Authentication certificates, and databases, and may be accessed by both individual users and applications.

This highly scalable product set supports more than a million lookups per hour on a single directory server and has an LDAPv3 interface, which supplements the DAP/XDS interface provided in earlier versions of HP X.500 Directory Server. This allows this popular directory to support many more user agents and interoperate with contemporary LDAPv3 directory servers. The directory server also supports LDAPv2 clients. Certification with Baltimore and Entrust v5.0 is complete on Tru64 UNIX, offering customers increased content security.

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