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Overview of the Office server v6.1

Compaq Office Server V6.1 provides a client/server collaboration and messaging office environment to users of OpenVMS systems, using a wide range of clients (both PC and legacy systems using Video Terminal access).

Features include:

  • Nested folder support (to ten levels)
  • Ten shared mail areas
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) V3 support over TCP/IP
  • IMAP4 Client (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) support
  • An integral POP3 server
  • Fault tolerance, allowing reconnection of clients without user intervention
  • Load balancing, with one server or cluster supporting thousands of clients
  • The ability to create, send, reply and forward mail from the Internet, with personal access to the Office Server File Cabinet from any Web browser, anywhere - dependent on the usual OpenVMS authorization - in conjunction with Office Server Web Interface.
  • Multiple client support, including Outlook and Exchange - in conjunction with the MAPI Driver for Office Server
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) administration client, allowing day-to-day administration from Windows NT V4.0 or Windows 95/98
  • File Cabinet Only installation option that deactivates local and remote mail, redefining Office Server as a hugely scaleable information repository
  • Distributed File Cabinet, allowing users on their local system to access messages and documents of any type on remote Office Server systems as if they were local
  • Multiple backbone support:
    • X.400
    • VAX-based Message Router and DDS Service
  • Refined VT™ interface for MailWorks migrators, and comprehensive server-based migration tools
  • Client Access Licensing
  • Full ALL-IN-1 VT functionality retained, to protect investments in legacy systems
  • One common kit for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX processors

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