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64-bit virtual addressing
    system services support
Aborting a transaction
Absolute time
    as input to $BINTIM
    as input to $BINUTC
    converting to numeric
Access modes
    changing to executive #1
    changing to executive #2
    changing to kernel #1
    changing to kernel #2
Access protection
Accounting messages
    format of
ACLs (access control lists)
Add branch failure
Add RM participant #1
Add RM participant #2
Add transaction branch #1
Add transaction branch #2
Adding holder records to rights database
Adding identifiers to rights database
Address space
    creating virtual
Alignment fault data
    getting for system process
    getting for user image
Alignment fault reporting
    disabling for user image
    disabling for user process
    enabling for user process
    initializing for system process
    starting for user image
Allocation classes
Arithmetic exceptions
    getting information about
ASCII character set
    converting strings to binary
    converting strings to UTC
ASCII output
    formatting character string
    an I/O channel
ASTLM (AST limit) quota
    effect of canceling wakeup on
ASTs (asynchronous system traps)
    setting for power recovery
    setting timer for
Audit event messages
Auditing events #1
Auditing events #2
Automatic unshelving
Binary time
    converting to ASCII string
    converting to numeric time #1
    converting to numeric time #2
Binary values
    converting to ASCII string
Branch removal
Buffer objects
BYTLM quota
    using with $GETJPI buffers
Caching attribute
Call frames
    removing from stack
Call stacks
    unwinding #1
    unwinding #2
    exit handlers
    I/O requests
    timer requests
    wakeup requests
Case sensitivity
    $GETJPI service
Change-mode handlers
Change transaction state #1
Change transaction state #2
    canceling I/O
Class scheduler
Clear transaction #1
Clear transaction #2
Clearing an event flag
Cluster-aware services
Cluster events
    clearing request for notification of
    requesting notification of
Common event flag clusters
Compatibility mode handlers
Control region
    adding page to
    deleting page from
    64-bit system time to UTC time
    ASCII string to binary time
    ASCII string to UTC format
    audit event message
    binary time to ASCII string
    binary time to numeric time
    UTC format to ASCII
    UTC time to numeric time
CPU affinity set
CPU user capability set
    disk file sections
    logical name tables
    logical names
    rights databases
    user profiles
    virtual address space
$CRETVA system service
    See also $EXPREG system service

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