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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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DIGITAL SNA Access Server Migration Guide


This guide tells you how to plan for migration and then implement and configure the Access Server Gateway when you are migrating from an existing DECnet SNA Gateway. It covers what you need to know and do to migrate from either DECnet SNA Gateway-ST or DECnet SNA Gateway-CT.

The Access Server Gateway may completely replace the old system, or it may coexist with one or more existing DECnet SNA Gateways. This guide focuses primarily on replacement of a DECnet SNA Gateway by the Access Server Gateway, although there is a brief discussion of how to migrate to a mixed system.

Note that this guide does not discuss cross-migration from one implementation to another (for example, from a channel implementation in a DECnet SNA Gateway to an SDLC implementation in an Access Server Gateway). In such cases, the new Access Server Gateway should be set up from scratch using the information in the Installation & Configuration Guide.

This guide also does not discuss migration to an IBM AS/400 system, since the DECnet SNA Gateways did not support AS/400 configurations.

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DIGITAL SNA Access Server Migration Guide