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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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How to Use This Guide
Document Structure
Document Conventions
Common Abbreviations
Finding More Information
How to Order Additional Documentation

1 Overview

Overview of Gateways
DECnet SNA Gateway
Microsoft SNA Server
DIGITAL SNA Access Server for Windows NT
How the Access Server and SNA Server Work Together

2 Understanding the Migration Process

The Migration Process Defined
Can the Access Server Gateway and DECnet SNA Gateway Coexist?
What Are the Planning Steps?
What Are the Migration Steps?
How Long Does the Migration Process Take?
What is Affected During the Migration?
What Are the Network Management Considerations?

3 Planning the Migration

Checklist of Planning Steps
Step 1: Be Trained on SNA Server and Windows NT Server
Step 2: Audit Your Current Network Configuration
The DECnet SNA Gateway Configuration File
Step 3: Plan Your Migration Strategy
Coexistence of DECnet SNA Gateway and Access Server Gateway
Replacement of DECnet SNA Gateway by Access Server Gateway
Step 4: Choose the Network Transport
Step 5: Complete the SNA Server Preparation Forms
Step 6: Determine Any Impact to the IBM System
Step 7: Develop the Access Server Gateway Configuration
Understanding and Mapping Access Routine Parameters
How the DECnet SNA Gateway Establishes LU Names
Preserving Old-Style LU Names in the Access Server Gateway
How Microsoft SNA Server Creates LU Names and LU Pools
Setting Up Access Server Components
Mapping DECnet SNA Gateway Old-Style LU Names to SNA Server LU Names
Authorizing and Securing LUs
Summary and Next Steps

4 Migrating to the Access Server Gateway

Checklist of Migration Steps
Step 1: Verify Installation of Required Hardware and Software
Install and Verify All Required Software
Verify Hardware and Basic Network Connections
Set Parameters for the RJE Server
Step 2: Configure the Microsoft SNA Server
Configure SNA Server Connection Information
Configure SNA Server LU Information
Step 3: Create a Configuration to Use with Access Server
Creating an Access Server Configuration
Access Names Dialog: Specify Access Names and Parameters
Name Mapping Dialog: Mapping Access Names
Authorization Dialog: Create Authorization Entries
Secure LUs Dialog: Specify Secure LUs
Step 4: Test the Access Server Gateway
Suggestions To Help You Troubleshoot
Some Common Diagnostics
Step 5: Remove Any Unnecessary Hardware and Software

5 Managing the Access Server Gateway

Using Network Management Tools with the Access Server Gateway
Saving Configurations
Optimizing Server Performance
Memory Utilization on Intel and Alpha Systems
Recommended Memory and Page File Size Values

A Access Server Configuration Worksheet



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