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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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DIGITAL SNA Access Server Migration Guide

Configure SNA Server LU Information

Using the PU and LU information from the SNA Server Preparation Forms for Configuring LUs, configure all Microsoft SNA Server LUs and LU pools that you want to have available for the Access Server Gateway. Establish all LUs, LU pools, local LUs, remote LUs, and logon modes. If you're migrating an existing DECnet SNA Gateway, recall that this information was collected from the SET ACCESS NAME and SET PU commands in the DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file. You can review the access name information that comes from the DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file in Figure 3-5 in Chapter 3.

DIGITAL SNA Access Server is designed to work only with LUA type LUs (application LUs). When you build your LU and LU pool definitions in the SNA Server, make sure that they are all defined as LUAs (application LUs).

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