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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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Using Network Management Tools with the Access Server Gateway

In a DECnet SNA Gateway, you perform a variety of network management tasks using various OpenVMS utilities and commands. If you continue to use an existing DECnet SNA Gateway, you will also continue to manage it using the same tools.

When you are managing an Access Server Gateway, either by itself or side-by-side with an existing DECnet SNA Gateway, you must manage the SNA Server, Windows NT Server, and Access Server from the Windows NT system on which the components are installed. There are various graphical interface and command-line tools available to do so.

Table 5-1 lists some common network management tasks and compares the methods used to perform the tasks on an OpenVMS system and on a Windows NT system.

Table 5-1: Network Management Tasks and Methods
Task OpenVMS Method Windows NT Method
Managing services (starting, stopping, pausing, continuing) Use NCP or SNANCP. Use the Services option from the Control Panel; and/or use the Microsoft SNA Server Manager, SNA Server Admin, and snacfg.
Monitoring system and server performance Use SNAP. Use the Microsoft Performance Monitor; and/or use Trace in SNA Server Admin or snatrace.
Error logs and troubleshooting Use SNAEVL or view the DECnet event log. Use the Microsoft Event Viewer, especially the Applications Log and the System Log; when requested by Technical Support, use SNALOG.
Changing parameters and characteristics Use SNANCP or edit changes into the DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file. Use appropriate utilities to modify the SNA Server, Windows NT Server, or Access Server (usually Access Server Manager).
Setting security parameters and characteristics Use the SNANCP SET SNA USER LU AUTHORIZATION command. Use the Access Server Manager to set secure LUs.
NOTE: For details on using any of the Microsoft network management tools mentioned in column 3, refer to the Microsoft SNA Server Administration Guide.

SNA Server can also be set up to use NetView from the IBM host. For information, see the Microsoft SNA Server Administration Guide.

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