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IBM interconnect family overview

IBM Interconnect products from HP provide seamless integration of your desktop, IBM systems, and data — regardless of your network topology or computing platform. These products offer the flexibility and scalability necessary to support any computing environment.

HP's IBM Interconnect Product Family includes two types of products.

SNA gateways

SNA Gateways provide the network-to-network connection between your HP TCP/IP or DECnet networked systems and your IBM SNA networked mainframe.

HP's SNA Gateways consist of SNA servers and hardware gateways.

» HP SNA servers for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha
» HP SNA access server for Microsoft Windows
» Hardware gateways

» information on OpenVMS access routines

Access Routines provide such client functionality as interactive access (terminal emulation), programming interfaces (LU2, LU6.2, and so on), file transfer, print services, and remote job submission.

HP's IBM Interconnect Access Routines provide interactive access, remote job entry, application programming interfaces (APIs), and file transfer for OpenVMS.

The IBM Interconnect Product Family provides the middleware that allows you to:

  • Contain growth of SNA networks while providing access to mainframe application
  • Build new downsized distributed client/server applications using a variety of platforms, including your legacy mainframes
  • Consolidate many networks in to one enterprise network


  • Supports access routines across multiple desktop platforms, including IBM 3270 terminals, Microsoft Windows, and VT terminals
  • Supports access routines and applications across multiple network protocols, including SNA, TCP/IP, and DECnet-Plus
  • Includes APIs on multiple platforms
  • Provides robust gateways that provide system and network connectivity and convergence of wide area SNA and TCP/IP networks through built-in management functions
  • Supports end users by providing access to legacy systems and data
  • Lets you migrate mainframe applications to HP systems while preserving your investment in SNA 3270 terminals and printers
  • Allows you to deploy cross-platform client/server solutions
  • Helps consolidate network traffic