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IBM interconnect access routines

HP's IBM Interconnect Access Routines provide interactive and information access that enables users on any network or system platform to draw on data, applications, and resources from any other network or platform in the environment.

Information on access routines OpenVMS

Programming interfaces for customized application development

An open systems environment requires that applications be distributed throughout the environment in a way that enables maximum accessibility and interoperability. HP's IBM Interconnect programming interfaces permit customized application development by ensuring the adaptability necessary to tailor applications to changing requirements. HP was the first to offer application interfaces for data and application access into IBM mainframe environments over its SNA Gateways.

HP provides APIs for OpenVMS for a variety of programming tasks, including support for programs communicating with IBM systems through the following protocols:

  • Logical Unit 6.2 or Advanced Program to Program (LU6.2/APPC)
  • Common Programming Interface for Communications (CPI-C)
  • Logical Unit 0 (LU0)
  • High Level Language API (HLLAPI)

File transfer with DTF for reliable data movement

Moving critical data between distributed locations requires flexible and reliable tools such as HP's Data Transfer Facility (DTF). With the recoverable copy feature, the transfers will happen automatically, even if network errors are encountered, without manual intervention. DTF is a powerful and cost-effective tool for data access to and from your mainframe.

Bi-directional terminal access for distributed applications

HP is the only vendor to provide true bi-directional terminal access between open systems and IBM mainframes over a single gateway. Use terminal emulation to access mainframe applications and data from your HP PC, VT terminal, or workstation. Customers moving applications off the mainframe can also use the HP SNA Domain Gateway to provide interactive access to Digital VT-style applications from SNA 3270 devices when used with custom-developed 3270 Application Services applications. This can ease the migration costs by enabling customers to preserve their 3270 terminal network investment.

Traditional applications for access to IBM mainframe services

Batch job submission and output retrieval is available for traditional mainframe tasks. For example, printer emulation can enable the redirection of printer jobs to HP-based printers and simple file transfers can be handled from multiple platforms including OpenVMS and Windows PCs using a Remote Job Entry product or through support for the IND$FILE transfer utility.