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Announcing OpenVMS version 7.2-2

OpenVMS is pleased to introduce a new version in the OpenVMS Version 7.2x family, which is available now. OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2 provides remedial fixes, new hardware support, and system performance enhancements. This release replaces OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1 and V7.2-1H1. OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2-2 is the recommended version to co-exist in mixed version clusters with OpenVMS Version 7.3.

» OpenVMS version 7.3

OpenVMS Version 7.3 includes major new enhancements for our OpenVMS customers. It is recommended that customers upgrade to OpenVMS Version 7.3 to take advantage of the significant new capabilities, but Version 7.2-2 will be available to provide enhancements and extend support for the existing V7.2x family.

OpenVMS Version 7.2-2 Contents:

OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2 contains all of the features that were available in OpenVMS Alpha Versions 7.2-1 and 7.2-1H1, as well as the following enhancements:

Increased System Performance and SMP Scaling

  • Improved process scheduling, faster locking operations, and a dedicated CPU mode for locking
  • Designed for applications running on the new AlphaServer GS-series systems, many of these improvements will benefit all customer applications.
Volume Shadowing Minicopy Feature
  • Significantly improves the performance of a full copy backup operation
  • Greater data availability
Support for Fibre Channel-Attached Tapes
  • Support of SCSI tapes and SCSI tape libraries in an OpenVMS Cluster system with shared Fibre Channel storage
  • SCSI tapes and libraries are connected to the Fibre Channel by a Fibre-to-SCSI bridge known as the Modular Data Router (MDR).
Updated Registry Server
  • Support for the OpenVMS Version 7.3 Registry Server
  • Allows the Registry server and $REGISTRY system service to be compatible between OpenVMS Alpha Versions 7.2-2 and 7.3.
Security Enhancements
  • Support for Kerberos Security Client Version 1.0 for OpenVMS, based on MIT Kerberos Version 5 Release 1.0.5 on OpenVMS Version 7.2-2
  • Allows VMS applications to communicate and authenticate with NT5 domains and UNIX platforms
LAN ATM Adapter Support
  • Support for the DAPBA (HE155) and DAPCA (HE622) PCI based LAN ATM adapters for Alpha based systems
  • Provide high performance PCI-to-ATM capability

Service Support

OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2 includes remedial fixes and minor enhancements for customers in the Version 7.2x family. Remedial support will continue on OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1 and V7.2-1H1 through June 30, 2002. Customers wishing to remain on the OpenVMS Alpha V7.2x family after June 30, 2002 will need to update to OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2.OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2 is supported under traditional service support through December 2002. Prior Version support will begin on January 2003 and extend through June 30, 2004.


OpenVMS Version Alpha V7.2-2 is available now.

Ordering Information

QA-MT1AU-H8OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2-2 Software and Online Documentation CD-ROM