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Announcing OpenVMS Version 7.3

OpenVMS is pleased to introduce the OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 operating system, which is shipping now. OpenVMS has more than 20 years of proven reliability and is continuing to improve its availability and performance by delivering new technology into the base operating system and the OpenVMS Cluster Software environment. In addition, the base infrastructure technologies needed to support eBusiness applications are being incorporated into the OpenVMS license, so OpenVMS is eBusiness and Internet ready!

OpenVMS V7.3 delivers the following new capabilities:

Continuous improvement of OpenVMS availability!

  • Improved disaster tolerant capabilities with ATM & Gigabit Ethernet as cluster interconnects because of their inherent high performance and long distance capabilities.
  • Greater system availability during backups with faster reintegration of shadow members after copies.
  • Enhanced VMS support for the latest ENSA Storage offerings.
  • Greater serviceability for the new AlphaServer GS systems with CPU Online Add/Remove.

    Higher system and application performance!

  • Substantial application performance benefits can be realized with the new Extended File Cache.
  • Improved cluster, SMP and system performance through enhancements to RMS and the clusterwide Lock Manager, as well as FastPath support for Fibre Channel and SCSI storage architectures.

    Expanding OpenVMS security options!

  • VMS adds industry standard Kerberos V5 security, which allows VMS applications to communicate and authenticate with NT5 domains and UNIX platforms.
  • VMS Intrusion Detection expands to be cluster-wide, reducing chances of system break-ins.

    Value-added OpenVMS system management functionality!

  • ECP Data Collector and ECP Performance Analyzer are now available at no additional charge with OpenVMS Version 7.3.

    Plus the OpenVMS license is expanded to include all these new eBusiness Technologies!

  • Secure Web Server V1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha (Based on Apache)
  • Mozilla Web Browser (Alpha only)
  • COM for OpenVMS
  • Extensible Markup Language API (XML parser)
  • Java™2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.2.2
  • Attunity Connect "On Platform" Package (native JDBC driver included)
  • Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)
  • OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness (X.500)

For more detailed information on OpenVMS Version 7.3:

» OpenVMS version 7.3 new features and benefits.


OpenVMS Version 7.3 is available now and is being delivered automatically to all appropriate Service update customers.

Ordering Information

QA-MT1AA-H8 OpenVMS Alpha software and online documentation CD-ROM
QA-MT3AA-H8 OpenVMS Alpha and VAX software and online documentation CD-ROM


QA-MT3AE-G8 OpenVMS VMS Version 7.3 Online Documentation CDROM

For more information regarding OpenVMS Alpha and VAX Version 7.3 online documentation, see the following web site:

» http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/