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OpenVMS Internals Book

The OpenVMS Internals and Data Structure book explains how the OpenVMS executive works. It is a book for consultants, system programmers, system analysts, system managers, application designers, and other users who wish to understand OpenVMS's components, mechanisms, and data structures.

The book covers the operating system kernel: process management; memory management; the I/O subsystem; and the mechanisms that transfer control to, from, and among these. It gives an overview of a particular area of the system, followed by descriptions of the data structures related to that area and details of the code that implements the area.

OpenVMS Alpha Internals and Data Structures

The first edition of the OpenVMS Alpha internals book describes Version 1.5. Although there have been several releases of OpenVMS Alpha since Version 1.5 (V6.1, V6.2, V7.0, and V7.1) and many details in the book are no longer accurate, it continues to provide a strong conceptual description of OpenVMS internals.

We have split this book into five pieces, each to be updated separately.

The first such piece, published in early 1997, was "OpenVMS Alpha Internals and Data Structures: Scheduling and Process Control," which covers the Version 7.0 implementation of true multithreading and the changed scheduling model it implies.

What's Coming

We've begun planning the next volume, which will consist of the Version 1.5 memory management chapters updated to the next major release. We plan to add information on 64-bit addressing and very large memory support, as well as Galaxy-related memory management changes. Please send any suggestions for this volume and feedback on the V1.5 memory management chapters.

How to Order

The internals books are available through Digital Press, an imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann. You can order by phone (from US and Canada, 1-800-366-2655, or from elsewhere, 781-904-2500). You can also fax an order to 1-800-446-6520 or 781-933-6333. The order form and additional information are available on their web site www.bh.com. Or you can go to Amazon.com

ISBN Title (with link to Amazon.com)
1 55558 156 0  »  OpenVMS Alpha Internals: Scheduling and Process Control
1 55558 120 X  »  OpenVMS AXP Internals and Data Structures: Version 1.5
1 55558 059 9  »  VAX/VMS Internals and Data Structures: Version 5.2