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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 for HP Integrity server systems — new features and benefits

HP OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 is an HP Integrity server-only release that introduces support for the newest Integrity cell-based rx7620, rx8620, and Superdome systems. See below for specific supported configurations. OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 also continues support for all of the Integrity servers and options supported in OpenVMS Version 8.2.

OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 is now available, and is a replacement for OpenVMS Version 8.2 on Integrity servers. Standard support for OpenVMS Version 8.2 on Integrity servers ends when OpenVMS Version 8.3 ships in H2 2006.

OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 includes several performance and scalability enhancements. Support for hard partitioning (nPar) is provided on partitions with up to four cells. This release also provides expanded support for mixed architecture Integrity server and AlphaServer system clusters, as well as low-cost multi-host SCSI clusters.

This document describes the new features and enhancements included in OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 for Integrity servers and associated products.

Note: The information contained on this page is subject to change.

» [PDF] 125KB

Warranted pairs and upgrade paths

Feature Benefit
Expanded mixed OpenVMS Integrity server and AlphaServer system clusters:
  • Support for up to 96 nodes in a mixed architecture cluster with no constraints on the mix of Integrity server and AlphaServer nodes
  • Warranted cluster support for Version 8.2-1 includes Version 7.3-2 Alpha, Version 8.2 Alpha, Version 8.2 Integrity, Version 8.2-1 Integrity
  • Upgrade path for OpenVMS on Integrity servers is Version 8.2 to Version 8.2-1
  • Allows OpenVMS customers to easily add additional HP Integrity servers into their existing AlphaServer system clusters
  • Provides agility
  • Retains high return on IT (RoIT)


System support
Feature Benefit
Introduction of OpenVMS support for the newest Integrity cell-based systems, including:
  • rx8620: 4 cell, 16P/16C; 1.5 GHz/4MB; 1.6GHz/6MB; 32GB memory per cell
  • rx7620: 2 cell, 8P/8C; 1.5 GHz/4MB; 1.6GHz/6MB; 32GB memory per cell
  • Superdome: Hard partitions of 4 cells 16P/16C; 1.6 Mhz/9MB; 32GB memory per cell
  • Provides customers with the ability to run their OpenVMS applications on cell-based industry standard HP Integrity servers a year ahead of schedule
  • Runs increased workloads over entry-class Integrity servers
  • Provides ability to consolidate systems and reduces system footprints in labs
Continued support for all Integrity servers supported in OpenVMS Version 8.2:
  • rx1600 2P/2C; 1.0 GHz
  • rx2600 2P/2C; 1.0, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 GHz
  • rx4640 4P/4C; 1.3, 1.5 GHz
  • rx4640 8P/8C (dual-core); 1.1 GHz
  • rx1620 1.6GHz/3MB 267FSB (DP)
  • rx1620 1.3GHz/3MB (DP)
  • rx2620 1.6GHz/3MB (DP)
  • rx2620 1.3GHz/3MB (DP)
  • rx2620 1.6GHz/6MB
  • rx4640 1.6GHz/6MB
  • rx4640 1.5GHz/4MB
  • Fast Bundle: rx4640 4; CPU configuration 1.6GHz/9MB
  • Provides customers with investment protection by allowing them to continue running OpenVMS applications on previously supported entry-class Integrity servers
Power saver feature across supported Integrity servers:
  • OpenVMS puts an idle CPU into lower power mode
  • Feature is enabled or disabled by setting a SYSGEN parameter
  • Reduces electrical power consumption during CPU idle time
  • Allows lower electrical use, which lowers lab IT expenses
Factory installed software (FIS) installation:
  • On rx1600, rx1620, rx2600, rx2620, and rx4640: FIS OpenVMS Versions 8.2 and 8.2-1
  • On rx7620, rx8620 and Superdome: FIS OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 only
  • Provides the option to receive Integrity servers with OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 previously installed

Storage and LAN options on Integrity servers

Feature Benefit
Low-cost 2-node multi-host SCSI:
  • Supports the MSA30MI (Multi-initiator) shelf
  • Allows 2-node connectivity for shared data access
  • Supports entry-class Integrity server families
  • Allows up to 4 shared small computer system interface (SCSI) buses
  • Allows affordable shared storage in an entry-class, 2-node cluster environment
Combo card options supported on OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 for Integrity servers:
  • PCI-X 2-port GigE (Copper) and 2-port 2GB Fiber Channel card (AB465A)
  • PCI-X 2-port U320 SCSI and 2-port GigE card (AB290A)
  • Provides the ability to do LAN and storage functionality over a single PCI slot
  • Allows for more complex PCI configurations
Continued support of options supported on OpenVMS Version 8.2, that will also be supported on rx7620, rx8620, and Superdome systems:
  • Broadcom 5701 gigabit copper and fiber network interface cards (NICs)
  • Intel gigabit copper and fiber NICs
  • QLogic 2-port Fiber Channel (FC) adapter
  • U320 2-port SCSI adapter
  • Fiber Channel Broadcom 5703 copper and fiber combo cards
  • 4-port Intel GigE
  • Provides investment protection of standard options across multiple platforms


Services tools support
Feature Benefit
Web-based enterprise services common components (WEBES) support:
  • Service tool that performs hardware event analysis and operating system crash analysis
System event analyzer (SEA) support:
  • Rules-based hardware fault-management diagnostic tool within the WEBES tools suite
  • Provides notification when a significant system event or series of events has or will occur that requires service action


  • Provides users with the online diagnostic functionality of SEA for operating system crash analysis


OpenVMS on Integrity server licensing plans
Feature Benefit
Introduction of a 2-socket tier license and unlimited socket license for OpenVMS operating environments (OEs) on HP Integrity servers

Three hardware tiers are available:

  • Maximum of 2 sockets (rx1600, rx1620, rx2600, and rx2620)
  • Maximum of 4 sockets (rx4640)
  • Unlimited sockets (rx7620, rx8620, and Superdome)
  • Reduces services costs for entry-class systems
  • Supports the introduction of high-end systems
Introduction of upgrade options for currently shipping licenses:
  • Any of the operating environment per-processor licenses may be upgraded toward an operating environment license at a higher price; 100% credit will be offered for the original license
  • Same methodology used for license trade-ins across platforms
  • All customers may upgrade to a higher-level OE regardless of whether the license is under a service and support contract
  • Allows customers to move to a higher OE socket license or higher-level OE for OpenVMS on Integrity servers
  • Process:
    1. Customer orders the new OE that is required 2. Field applies an upgrade credit on the OE the customer is upgrading
    3.The original license is terminated and must be returned to HP and removed from support (if covered)
    4.Support is added to the order for the new license and added to the customer contract

Trade-up options available:

  • BA453ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS FOE 2 socket
  • BA325ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS FOE 4 socket
  • BA326ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS FOE unlimited
  • BA451ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS EOE 2 socket
  • BA397ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS EOE 4 socket
  • BA327ACN#130 HP LTU upgrade credit from VMS EOE unlimited


Latent storage and LAN options on Integrity servers
Feature Benefit
Latent storage options will be supported on OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 for Integrity servers:
  • 2- and 4- port Smart Array U320 backplane RAID controllers
  • Single and dual port 4GB Fiber Channel
  • Will be supported after OpenVMS Version 8.2-1 is delivered

Updated: August 12, 2005