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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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Guidelines for the OpenVMS Freeware Distribution

  • The software must be unencumbered.
  • The contribution cannot be subject to export restrictions.
  • No license fees shall be requested of nor otherwise required, no commercial software products, and no shareware; the software must be free.
  • The software must operate on or require the presence of OpenVMS Integrity servers and/or OpenVMS Alpha and/or OpenVMS VAX systems.
  • HP does not warrant the software.
  • The contributor(s) and/or author(s) does not warrant the software.
  • HP will not provide service for this software, will not fix this software, will not support this software, and will not warrant that this software works correctly, if it even works at all.
  • Customers are free to adapt and to change source code for their needs. (If you are not contributing full source code, please contact the Freeware maintainer first.)

OpenVMS Freeware Distribution

  • Mounted on various Internet-accessible host systems. (eg: http://www.hp.com/go/openvms/freeware/)
  • Available via anonymous FTP. (eg: ftp://h71000.www7.hp.com/)
  • Distributed (optionally) at HP symposia and events.
  • Distributed (optionally) by various HP user groups.

How to Contribute to the Next Edition

In order to facilitate the job of packaging the software on the freeware distribution, here is the simple process that must be followed. Build the software into a saveset. Each product must be in a DIFFERENT directory.
  • Create a top-level directory for the product.
  • Create sub-directories for each platform supported (Integrity servers, Alpha or VAX).
  • If the sources are included, create a directory called "SRC" for sources.
  • Copy binaries or kits for the respective platform in the appropriate directory.
  • Copy the sources into the "SRC" directory.
  • Create an archive using the ZIP utility for OpenVMS.

The following files should be submitted for each product:


    This file must have the following format for the FIRST line:


    for example:

    INTOUCH 4GL, LANGUAGES, High-performance 4GL for VAX and Alpha systems

    The one-line descriptions will be truncated to 60 characters. This will allow them to display nicely on the selection menus later on.

    Any additional lines of text in the FREEWARE_README.TXT file will be displayed to the user from the MENU SYSTEM, if they choose this package from the menu.

    The list of catagories to choose from are:
    Games Graphics Languages
    Miscellaneous Motif Toys Software
    System Management Storage Management Tools

  • FREEWARE_DEMO.TXT file (optional)

    The FREEWARE_DEMO.TXT file is text that can explain how to try this software...or explains what the FREEWARE_DEMO.COM file will be showing the user.

  • FREEWARE_DEMO.COM (optional)

    If the user selects this package from the menu system, the FREEWARE_DEMO.COM file will be executed.

Each product should contain the executables, help text, documentation, sources (in [.SRC]) and then anything else you want to put there.

If the software is already kitted as a VMSINSTAL or PCSI kit, that is fine. Just put the kits in the directory along with the instructions. PLEASE make sure that the .txt and .com files are easy to read and understand. The more friendly your instructions and directions, the more likely that others will want to try it.

NOTE: In order for the software to be considered for
inclusion on the CD, the release form MUST be submitted with the software. Electronic copies of the signed release form are acceptable.

HP is committed to protecting your privacy. Learn more.

If you have internet access, you can send feedback and we will copy the kit. An FTP location will be provided for uploading the product files. The following files should be uploaded to this location:

  • Product ZIP file
  • Signed OpenVMS Freeware Release Form

The following are optional:


Once the files are received, OpenVMS engineering will review the submission and upload it to the freeware distribution once the review process is complete.

OpenVMS Engineering is looking forward to your submissions...

OpenVMS Freeware Distribution Release Form


As the owner or developer of this software or as the developer that has ported to or as modified an existing open-source package for use on OpenVMS, I release it to be included on the HP OpenVMS Freeware media and on the OpenVMS and other Freeware websites. If the software package requires a license or a Product Authorization Key (PAK), I will provide and/or will authorize the OpenVMS Freeware maintainer to provide an unlimited and non-terminating license or PAK. I expect no renumerance for the use of this software from any party. The GPL, FreeBSD, or other common open-source software license(s) may apply to the submission package. I understand that the maintainer of the OpenVMS Freeware may decline to include my package for export or other regulatory reasons, due to insufficient storage, or for any other reasons at the discretion of the Freeware maintainer and of HP. Please contact the OpenVMS Freeware maintainer if you have any questions on this agreement.

Developer/Owner Name