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Frequently Asked Questions — OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2

Q What is the future of HP OpenVMS?

OpenVMS has a very bright future — we are making significant investments in HP OpenVMS in the areas of business-critical capabilities and software that enables eBusiness solutions. As outlined in our rolling 5-year strategy, the OpenVMS group will:

  • Release new versions of the operating system every 12-18 months
  • Support all new AlphaServers
  • Port OpenVMS to the Itanium™ processor family
  • Provide web-enabling software
  • Provide tools and services to seamlessly integrate with Tru64 UNIX and
    Windows NT
Q When is OpenVMS Version 7.3-2 shipping?
A OpenVMS is planned to start shipping by the end of December. At that point it will be shipped with all new AlphaServer systems and will also be orderable through the standard HP ordering systems and through our business partners.
Q What are the key new features in the OpenVMS V7.3-2 release?

OpenVMS V7.3-2 supports all the new AlphaServer Series supported with remedial kits and V7.3-1. Significant features of OpenVMS V7.3-2 include:

  • Extended failover capability for LAN adapters
  • Component Indictment for errors logged to CPU
  • Enhancements to Device Shadowing
  • Performance improvements for applications running on SMP systems
  • Updated security standards
    • Industry standard encryption options
  • UNIX portability enhancements
  • Scalability improvements for TCP/IP Services
Q Will applications that run on previous versions of OpenVMS run on new AlphaServer systems?
A Yes. As long as the TIMA kit is installed applications that were written to documented APIs will continue to work as the did previous releases of OpenVMS.
Q What is the support policy for OpenVMS V7.3-2?

OpenVMS V7.3-2 will be supported in compliance with HP Customer Services Length of Support policy which states that HP will provide software technical support for its software for the latest, currently shipping version and the immediate prior version of the product. Moreover, note that in keeping with our support policy, V7.3-2 will be available for Prior Version Support (PVS).

No specific date is available at this time as to when service life will end for V7.3-2. As soon as that information is available it will be posted at: http://h18005.www1.hp.com/services/software/ss_openvms.html

Q What about customers who continue to run OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems after Itanium™-based systems are available?
A Our plan is to achieve single source code between AlphaServer systems and Itanium™-based systems resulting in a common operating environment. We also intend to maintain our tradition of backwards compatibility with AlphaServer systems for investment protection.
Q What changes will be made to the current OpenVMS development roadmap?
A The core OpenVMS strategy remains unchanged and we expect little to no impact on our current roadmaps. We will continue to be in lock-step with the AlphaServer roadmaps. Our focus will be on providing increased performance, price/performance, and application support. We will continue to deliver on our existing roadmaps.
Q What is the maximum number of soft partitions or Instances of OpenVMS are supported on the EV7 AlphaServer platforms?

Each system model has different limits for the maximum number of instances:

  • ES47 is up to two instances of OpenVMS.
  • ES80 is up to four instances of OpenVMS.
  • GS1280 is up to sixteen instances of OpenVMS.
    • Models 8,16 and 32 is up to 8 instances of OpenVMS.
    • Model 64 is up to 16 instances of OpenVMS
      • This requires at least two 32P hard partitions with 8 instances in each hard partition.
Q Do I need to buy a Galaxy license for each soft partition or instance of OpenVMS?
A No, OpenVMS Galaxy is licensed by the number of CPUs in an AlphaServer system or in a hard partition. For example, the GS1280 Model 16, with 16 CPUs, would require one OpenVMS Galaxy license for 16 CPUs. This allows maximum flexibility for the number of soft partitions that you may require as your business needs change.
Q Will I need to buy separate layered product application licenses for each soft partition of OpenVMS on the AlphaServer system?
A No, the OpenVMS Galaxy license terms allow the HP layered product application licenses to be used for the entire system, regardless of the number of soft or hard partitions. Again, this is for maximum flexibility as your business needs change.
Q If I already have an AlphaServer, what do I need to run OpenVMS Galaxy on it?
A All you should need is the OpenVMS Galaxy license for the number of CPUs in your system. You do need to review the hardware requirements in the HP OpenVMS Partitioning and Galaxy Guide, which is posted at http://h71000.www7.hp.com/availability/galaxy.html .
Q Can I transfer my OpenVMS Galaxy license from my current AlphaServer to my new EV7 AlphaServer?
A Yes. The OpenVMS Galaxy licenses are fully transferable to the new AlphaServer systems for investment protection.
Q Will OpenVMS Galaxy be available on the HP Integrity Servers when OpenVMS is ported?
A Yes. OpenVMS plans to be part of the HP Partitioning Continuum to support hard and soft partitions on the Integrity Servers in 2005.

What resources are available to OpenVMS software developers?


The HP developers program DSPP is a program open to and intended to support and assist HP OpenVMS partners, consultants, and service providers. DSPP provides members with various benefits.

You can access more information at http://www.hp.com/dspp