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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) for OpenVMS

  Hewlett-Packard is pleased to announce the field test version of HP System Management Homepage for OpenVMS Version 2.2.

HP SMH for OpenVMS Field Test Participants: To access the HP SMH Field Test kit, please signify your acceptance of the field test terms.

To sign-up for Field Test participation, please contact us with your name, mailing address and contact information (phone and e-mail).

» Installation Instructions for Version 2.2 (PDF)
» Release Notes for Version 2.2 (PDF)

HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) for OpenVMS is the single system management solution for managing OpenVMS. HP SMH is also available for HP-UX, Linux and Microsoft® Windows® systems.

The key features of HP SMH for OpenVMS are its system administration capabilities and its ability to display details of hardware attributes. The HP SMH solution provides an easy-to-use interface for displaying hardware fault and status monitoring, system thresholds, and diagnostics for an individual server by aggregating the data from HP web-based agents.

HP SMH integrates with HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), the strategic platform for multi-system management from HP. HP SIM provides multi-systems management capability by providing administrators single sign-on access to HP SMH on managed servers (stand-alone or partitioned) from a central console.

Important Support Notice

For users of HP SMH on MultiNet and TCPware stack:

The dependency product for HP SMH, HP Secure WEB Server (CSWS/Apache) is supported only on HP TCP/IP stack. Hence support for HP SMH on MultiNet and TCPware stack is limited to HP SMH application problems which are not CSWS/Apache related.

The following are the new features in HP SMH Patch Release V2.0-20:

System Health

  • Support for Settable Threshold Temperatures on Blade Systems  SMH now supports reading the settable threshold temperatures on HP Integrity servers through the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). You need not specify the threshold temperature using the SMH$WARNING_TEMP logical name.


  • Support for SMH Recovery During Installation Disk Migration  When migrating to a new installation disk within the same system due to a disk failure or a backup restoration, HP SMH on the new disk can be used directly without having to reinstall it.

The following problems are corrected in HP SMH Patch Release V2.0-20:

  • HP SMH health agent uses a high amount of CPU or memory resources when the size of Operator Communications (OPCOM) log file, namely OPERATOR.LOG, is big. This issue is fixed in this release.
  • On cell-based systems, when a redundant power supply fails, it results in the generation of 5-6 SNMP traps every minute. This SNMP trap bombardment issue is fixed in this release.
  • On Integrity servers, HP SMH displays incorrect number of power sensors. This issue is fixed in this release.
  • On Integrity servers that support iCAP, HP SMH reports CPUs with disabled iCAP cores as "degraded". This issue is fixed in this release. The status of a CPU containing a disabled iCAP core is now reported by HP SMH as "unknown", instead of "degraded".
  • HP SMH fails to report information about fan and power supply, and the failure of any of these components does not generate SNMP traps. This issue is fixed in this release.
  • Network MAC address of the system running HP SMH ending with ‘F0’ to ‘FF’ causes HP SMH to timeout. This issue is fixed in this release.
The following are the new features in HP SMH V2.0:


  • Support for LSI SAS 1068X Controllers   HP SMH supports the display of physical disks and logical units that are attached to the LSI SAS 1068X controllers on OpenVMS V8.3 and later.

HP SMH GUI displays the following information:

  • Physical disks connected to the controller
  • Details of the physical disks, such as SASAddress, model, status
  • Logical unit details and their status
  • Associations between physical disks, hot spares and the logical unit

HP SMH also raises Traps if the status of the physical disk or logical unit changes. For example, a Trap is raised when a physical disk is removed. Similarly, Traps are also raised when the status of a logical unit changes.


  • Configurable SNMP Non-Public READ Community   HP SMH for OpenVMS removes the restriction present in HP Insight Management Agents for SNMP Read community name “public”. To use any configured SNMP community, change the SNMP read and write community entry in the SMH$SPECIFIC:[CONF]SNMPCOMMUNITY_CONFIG.DAT file and restart HP SMH.

Note: The SNMP community names are case sensitive.


  • Installation of HP SMH on Disk other than System Disk   HP SMH for OpenVMS can be installed either on the system disk or any other disk, by using the /DESTINATION qualifier.

Note: Ensure that the disk on which HP SMH is installed is an ODS–5 disk. For more information, see the HP System Management Homepage Installation Guide.

  • Consistent Display/GUI   HP SMH for OpenVMS supports a consistent display/GUI that is similar to Windows or Linux HP SMH implementations. HP SMH is based on standard apache web server (HP Secure Web Server) and enables the use of latest web server capabilities, such as rendering PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) pages and JavaScript/CGI files.

The following problems are corrected in V2.0:

  • Starting the WBEM$CPQHEALTH process of HP Insight Management Agents locks the OPERATOR.LOG file.
  • Insight Management Agents Device Homepage URL cannot be accessed if the Language Settings of the web browser is not set to English. Currently with HP SMH, selecting any language option in the web browser will always display English.

Go to the following links for more information:

» Installation instructions Contains step-by-step instructions for installing HP SMH kit.
» Release notes Describes new features and problems corrected in V2.0-20 and problems that remain in V2.0-20.
» Software download Provides links to the software after you complete a short user survey.
» HP Array Configuration Utility XE (ACUXE) OpenVMS RAID configuration utility for Smart Array  controllers

» Send your questions, comments, and suggestions