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Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS

» Download Distributed NetBeans V5.5 for OpenVMS Alpha and I64  (June 2008)

Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS allows you to run the NetBeans IDE on your desktop system and develop applications on a remote OpenVMS Alpha or Integrity server system.
Distributed NetBeans contains BASIC, C/C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, and PASCAL language and debugging support, and MMS, BASH, DCL, and EDT Keypad support.

Distributed NetBeans supports access to your files using a built-in FTP filesystem. You can also use CIFS for OpenVMS (based on Samba) or Advanced Server to access your files on your OpenVMS machine. The IDE Server runs on both OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64.

Distributed NetBeans includes support for the Web Services Integration Toolkit template and the Ant Import statement for remote Ant execution.

See New Features for a full list of what's new in Version 5.5.

Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS pages:
» Documentation
» Register to download kits
» Requirements
» Software support and feedback

Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS comprises two parts:

  • Distributed NetBeans Client for OpenVMS, which is a plug-in for NetBeans running on your desktop. You install the NetBeans IDE (from NetBeans.org) and the Distributed NetBeans Client for OpenVMS on your desktop system.

  • IDE Server for OpenVMS, which runs on OpenVMS and provides remote services for the client plug-in. You install the IDE Server on your OpenVMS system. (You do not need to install the NetBeans for OpenVMS IDE or any additional plug-in modules on your OpenVMS system.)

Communication between the client system and the remote server system is encrypted using SSL.

You can download the NetBeans IDE for your desktop system from NetBeans.org.

Important Support Notice  NetBeans for OpenVMS, the predecessor to Distributed NetBeans that ran on a desktop OpenVMS system, is no longer available for download. OpenVMS Version 8.3 Alpha and I64 are the last releases on which NetBeans 3.6 for OpenVMS is supported. NetBeans 3.6 will be supported over the support life of OpenVMS 8.3. Also, note that NetBeans 3.6 for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 is only supported on Java™ Platform, Standard Edition, Development Kit (JDK) v 1.4.2-x.

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