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DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS

Year 2000 kits with enhancements for DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS are now available for the following versions:

Version Platform Kit Name
Version 1.2-4 VAX VAXMOTF02_U4012
  Alpha ALPMOTF03_U4012
Version 1.2-3 VAX VAXMOTF08_U3012
  Alpha ALPMOTF08_U3012
Version 1.2-3
  Alpha ALPDWMW02_U3012

You can download kits ALPMOTF03_U4012 and VAXMOTF02_U4012 directly from DIGITAL Services. Use the Search and Download Utility to search for keywords VAXMOTF and ALPMOTF.

Customers with service contracts can also access the Version 1.2-3 kits. All kits shown in the table above include modifications that address the following Year 2000-related limitations:

  • A 2-digit year format is used in several places:

    • The routines xnl_parsedatetime and  xnl$parse_date_time allow the year to be specified with two digits provided the year is between 1970 and 1999.

    • When the xnl_getlocale routine returns locale information for some languages, it specifies that years be displayed using 2-digit years. Specifically, the following locale files define a string containing %y, which denotes a 2-digit year (%Y connotes a 4-digit year):
      • XNL_ES_ES.UID (Spanish)
      • XNL_FR_BE.UID (Belgian French)
      • XNL_FR_CA.UID (Canadian French)
      • XNL_IW_IL.UID (Hebrew)
      • XNL_NO_NO.UID (Norwegian)

      The following locale files define an array containing XNL_ABYEAR, which denotes a 2-digit year (XNL_YEAR connotes a 4-digit year):
      • XNL_DE_AT.UID (Austrian German)
      • XNL_DE_CH.UID (Swiss German)
      • XNL_DE_DE.UID (German)
      • XNL_EN_GB.UID (British English)
      • XNL_FR_CH.UID (Swiss French)
      • XNL_FR_FR.UID (French)
      • XNL_IT_CH.UID (Swiss Italian)
      • XNL_IW_IL.UID (Hebrew)
      • XNL_NO_NO.UID (Norwegian)

    • DECwindows Calendar accepts a 2-digit year in its interchange format, which is used for cut and paste and in included files (that is, files processed by the Include... option in the File menu). The 2-digit years are always considered to be in the twentieth century; that is, Calendar adds 1900 to the 2-digit value.

      This behavior has been documented and changed so that 2-digit years are correctly interpreted in the year 2000.
      Note that Calendar itself always specifies 4-digit years in the interchange format.

  • A CDA Converter routine that converts DTIF format documents to DDIF assumes that years start with 19, including the current date, which it writes on every page of the DDIF document.
    This code has been modified in the Year 2000 kits.

  • Paint and Print Screen both write the creation date to the introductory comments of a PostScript file generated by the Print command. To calculate the creation date, the number of years since 1900 is appended to 19. Using this procedure, on January 1, 2000 the code in DECwindows Motif Versions 1.2-3 and 1.2-4 would cause the date to be written as 1-JAN-19100.

    The code has been changed so that the number of years since 1900 is now mathematically added to 1900 instead of being appended to 19.

Kits VAXDWMW02_U3012 and ALPDWMW02_U3012 also include an enhancement to correctly display the year in the Show Links dialog box in the Calendar. (Without the enhancement, the year 2001 would display as 201.)