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Results of OpenVMS Year 2000 Analysis

Investigation of the OpenVMS Version 7.1, Version 6.2, and Version 5.5-2 operating systems is now complete; no new limitations were found in our investigations of the earlier versions of the operating system. The OpenVMS base operating systems are generally Year 2000 ready except for a few minor limitations in some older components. Year 2000 enhancement kits for OpenVMS Version 7.1, Version 6.2, and Version 5.5-2 are now available.

Table 1 alphabetically lists the OpenVMS product families covered by our investigation, gives the status of each product's investigation, and notes whether any limitations have been reported. To learn the status of specific products within these product families, check the Year 2000 layered software products database.


Starting in April 1998, all new products and versions are Year 2000 ready, even if they are not listed in this table.

Table 1 Results of OpenVMS Product Investigations for the Year 2000
Product Investigation Status Limitations Reported
OpenVMS V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1 Complete;
kits available
See Kit Notes
DECamds Complete None
DECnet for OpenVMS (Phase IV) V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1 Complete None
DECnet/OSI V6.3 Complete None
DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
(Phase V) V7.1
Complete None
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) V1.4, V1.5 Complete None
DECram V2.2C Complete None
DECthreads Complete None
DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-3, 1.2-3 (Worldwide), 1.2-4 Complete;
kits available
See Kit Notes
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS, Version 1.4 Complete;
kit available
See Kit Notes
DIGITAL Mail Integration Tools V1.0 Complete None
DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS V4.0, V4.1², V4.2 Complete None¹
Distributed File System (DECdfs) V2.2 Complete None¹
Distributed Queuing Service (DQS) V1.3 Complete None
eXcursion V3.0 Complete None
Internet Product Suite (IPS) V1.2 Complete None
License Management Facility (LMF) Complete None
OpenVMS Cluster Systems V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1 Complete None
OpenVMS Management Tools (OMT) V2.0, V3.0, V3.1 Complete None
OpenVMS Management Station V2.1, V3.0 Complete None
PATHWORKS 32 V7.0A (Client) Complete;
kit available
PATHWORKS V6.0A (Client) Complete;
kit available
PATHWORKS V6.0 (Server) Complete
PATHWORKS V5.0F (Server) Complete;
kit available
PATHWORKS Licensing Kit V1.5 Complete None
Print Server V5.1 Complete None
RMS Journaling V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1 Complete None
Security-Enhanced OpenVMS (SEVMS) V6.2 Complete None
Spiralog V1.2 Complete None
Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Complete None
Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1 Complete None
X.25 Client V1.1, V1.2 Complete None
X.25 Server V1.1B, V1.0G Complete None
¹Has optional $QIO attributes for RSX-11 compatibility; see release note.
²Investigated and tested on OpenVMS Version 6.2 only.

Freeware and Retired Products

Regardless of how it is distributed, all freeware is offered to customers on an unsupported basis. As a rule, freeware and retired products are not investigated and supported for the Year 2000.

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