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What's new in HP OpenVMS system management

The latest tools for HP OpenVMS system management are available for you now.

» HP SMH Version 2.0 for OpenVMS is now available
» Provisioning on OpenVMS using HP SIM
» OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS now available
» Enterprise Capacity Planner (ECP) for HP OpenVMS Version 5.6A is now available
» Performance Data Collector (TDC) for HP OpenVMS Version 2.2
» ECO9 now available for OpenView Operations Agent (OVO) for OpenVMS
» Performance Data Collector (TDC) for HP OpenVMS Version 2.1 update

HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) for OpenVMS

HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) for OpenVMS is the single system management solution for managing OpenVMS. HP SMH is also available for HP-UX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems.

The key features of HP SMH for OpenVMS are its system administration capabilities and its ability to display details of hardware attributes. The HP SMH solution provides an easy-to-use interface for displaying hardware fault and status monitoring, system thresholds, and diagnostics for an individual server by aggregating the data from HP web-based agents.

HP SMH for OpenVMS replaces the HP Insight Management Agents on OpenVMS.

HP SMH integrates with HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), the strategic platform for multi-system management from HP. HP SIM provides multi-systems management capability by providing administrators single sign-on access to HP SMH on managed servers (stand-alone or partitioned) from a central console.

» For more information, see the HP SMH Web page

Provisioning on OpenVMS using HP SIM

Provisioning is the installing or upgrading of an operating system. With provisioning support, HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) installs or upgrades the OpenVMS operating system quickly and easily on one or more servers in the network, much in the same way as HP-UX supports provisioning. You can install or upgrade OpenVMS on up to eight servers simultaneously. Provisioning support also facilitates installing or upgrading OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers that do not include a CD/DVD drive.

HP SIM is the foundation for HP's unified server-storage management strategy. It provides simplified, centralized management of multiple servers and platforms through a Web-based, unified (“single-pane-of-glass”) interface. HP SIM provides the basic tools needed to identify, discover, monitor, and deploy systems and other assets on the network. The core HP SIM software uses WBEM to deliver essential capabilities required to manage HP server platforms.

HP SIM running on a Microsoft Windows ProLiant server supports provisioning of OpenVMS on HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 servers and on HP Integrity BL860c Server Blades. An OpenVMS plug-in must be installed on the Windows ProLiant server.

» For more information, see the Provisioning on OpenVMS using HP SIM Web page

Evaluation kits for OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS

OVPA provides performance, resource, and end-to-end transaction response time measurements; it also supports network and database measurement information.

To analyze all the data that OVPA collects or receives, you can use spreadsheet programs, Hewlett-Packard analysis tools such as OpenView Performance Manager (OVPM), or third-party analysis products. OVPA gathers continuous information on system activity without imposing significant overhead on the system.

» For more information, see the OVPA Web page

Enterprise Capacity Planner (ECP) for HP OpenVMS Version 5.6A is now available

ECP V5.6A Analyzer has the enhanced capability of generating the Adapter (ADP), Controller (CTL) metrics in the CSV output and Cluster (CLU) metrics in Report and CSV output for a TDC collection. Several fixes has been made available with ECP V5.6A. For more information on the new feature and the fixes, see the Release notes of  ECP V5.6A.

ECP V5.6A is compatible with TDC V2.2.

Performance Data Collector (TDC) for HP OpenVMS Version 2.2

TDC Version 2.2 provides several data records not provided by V2.1 and extends several data records with new metrics. Additional programming features have been added to those provided by V2.1, and the programming guide has been updated.

TDC Version 2.2-108 is the current release of the Performance Data Collector. The download kit contains runtime software for all supported Alpha and Integrity platforms (OpenVMS Versions 7.3-2, 8.2, 8.2-1, and 8.3) and a Software Developers Kit.

TDC Version 2.2 can be used with Enterprise Capacity and Performance

(ECP) Version 5.6A and later, as well as with the OpenView(R) Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS.

» For more information, see the TDC Version 2.2 Web site

HP OpenView Operations (OVO) Agent for OpenVMS ECO9

HP OpenView Operations (OVO) is available now and provides you with a service-driven approach to achieving business stability in the adaptive enterprise. It is a distributed large-scale management solution that monitors, controls, and reports on the health and performance of the heterogeneous IT environment across boundaries, thereby improving uptime for all layers that compose the adaptive enterprise environments of today: the network, systems, databases, applications, services, and the Internet.

A new member of this industry-leading suite, HP OpenView Operations Agent for OpenVMS, is an out-of-the-box solution that provides seamless integration for managing HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems with HP OpenView Operations software. A natural extension of HP OpenView software, this new product provides customers with true end-to-end enterprise management, including the AlphaServer systems.

OpenView Operations Agent for OpenVMS presents real-time OpenVMS AlphaServer monitoring and event management to both OVO UNIX and Windows servers utilizing the native agents and Smart Plug-ins (SPIs). The agent monitors the performance, detects bottlenecks, reports on the availability of the OpenVMS Servers, and can send alarms and notifications based on thresholds set by the operations staff through policies based on the filtering criteria to the OVO server.

» More information about OpenView Operations
» More information about OpenVMS system management tools

Performance Data Collector (TDC) for HP OpenVMS Version 2.1 update

TDC Version 2.1-84 provides two critical fixes (system crash; disk filled by log file) and several data quality fixes. This version can be used with Enterprise Capacity and Performance (ECP) Version 5.5A.

» For more information, see the TDC Version 2.1 Web site