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2AB, Inc.

2AB, Inc. is a provider of security solutions that fill the gaps in distributed computing infrastructures. With its range of enterprise-architecture experience, 2AB understands the issues related to scalability, visibility, reliability, and security of mission-critical software for enterprises with hundreds of physical locations, running thousands of servers, and supporting 50,000 or more end users.

HP OpenVMS provides developers using 2AB products an ideal environment, offering comprehensive tools and built-in capabilities that help make it easy to safely create and deploy applications. Together, HP and 2AB solutions allow enterprises to secure their distributed environments, thereby protecting their technology assets and investments.

» iLock Security Services, a family of application-level security products
» orb2, a set of development tools for distributed applications

» Supporting documents
» Company contact

iLock Security Services

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

iLock Security Services from 2AB is a family of products that provides the tools developers and web administrators need to ensure that business and personal information is accessible only to authorized users (application-level security). iLock products provide a consistent way to define and manage users, groups, roles, and access policy, enabling software guards to be plugged in to business solutions.

iLock Security Services comprises several components:

  • jLock—a developer kit that provides the necessary tools, such as a scalable implementation of the Java Application and Authorization Service (JAAS), for inserting software guards into J2EE or native Java applications.
  • webLock—a web administrator kit that provides the tools to insert software guards into web environments. These tools include pre-built security realms, servlet filters, and administrative utilities.
  • orbLock—a developer kit that provides tools for inserting software guards into CORBA environments. orbLock includes implementations of standard security specifications from the Object Management Group (OMG) needed to provide a secure middleware infrastructure.
  • c/Lock—a developer kit that provides the tools necessary to insert software guards into C and/or C++ applications.

iLock running on HP Integrity servers and HP AlphaServer systems offers enterprises the outstanding reliability, availability, and security required to create rock-solid access control. With industry-leading fault tolerance and platform stability, HP systems provide iLock customers with the 24 x 7 data protection they require.

» More about iLock Security Services


Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

orb2 from 2AB is a set of scalable, reliable, and high-performance tools for the creation and deployment of distributed applications. Based on the CORBA standard for developing interoperable applications set by the Object Management Group (OMG), orb2 allows developers to design, implement, operate, manage, and maintain distributed applications on a variety of platforms.

orb2 takes advantage of the high-performance, scalable architecture of HP AlphaServer systems to successfully deploy and maintain distributed applications. orb2 also relies on HP systems to help customers seamlessly connect applications across the enterprise in a highly reliable, available, and secure environment.

» More about orb2

Supporting documents

» 2AB, Inc. announces aggressive competitive-upgrade licensing for CORBA middleware products
» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website

Company contact

2AB, Inc.
1700 Highway 31
Calera, AL 35040
United States
Tel: +1 (877) 334 9572
Fax: +1 (205) 621 7455
» 2AB website

Susanna Barnes
Senior Manager, Sales and Business Development
Tel: +1 (205) 621 7455 ext. 115
» sbarnes@2ab.com