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BEA WebLogic Server FAQs

This page offers answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BEA WebLogic Server, including questions regarding the following topics:

» Installation
» Performance
» Licenses
» Other topics


Why do I need privileges to install WebLogic Server on OpenVMS?

Privileges are needed to create an account for WebLogic Server to run under, as well as to create an ods-5 disk and modify sysgen values. If you are configuring a WebLogic Server Cluster on OpenVMS, minimum TCP/IP protocol quotas must be set via a privileged account. Failure to do so can prevent a WebLogic Server cluster from starting.

What can cause the initial installation to fail with random errors or crashes?

First, check to see if the system has been properly tuned according to the documentation. For example, if channelcnt is not set to 4096, you may experience "file not found" errors or random crashes.

Please review the documentation carefully. Pay close attention to the privileges and quotas required for the account that installs WebLogic Server. Privileges are required to install WebLogic Server, but are not required to run the server.

What should I do if my installation process hangs?

Use ANALYZE/SYSTEM to see if the process is stuck in WTBYT. If so, the process installing WebLogic Server needs its BYTLM quota set higher.


Are there any OpenVMS system tools to monitor WebLogic's system performance?

Yes, WebLogic combined with the Java Virtual Machine is extremely memory intensive. Along with using standard OpenVMS tuning tools (like T4), you can also use the standard monitoring utilities. For example use "$ MONITOR PROCESS/TOP_FAULT" to see if WebLogic is the highest faulting process, then use "$ MONITOR PAGE" to gather more information. If WebLogic is constantly one of the Top Page Faulting processes, you might want to increase WebLogic's "WSEXTENT" UAF parameter along with the sysgen parameter WSMAX. Except for process startup, the best result would be to eliminate paging for the Weblogic process. However, on a system with a low free list, your goal might be to reduce paging for the WebLogic process without causing the other applications on the system to start paging heavily.

For information on adding WebLogic Server data to T4, see Adding a Friend to T4 and Friends, Incorporating BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 Performance Data.

How do I fix "not enough core" or "insufficient memory" errors?

Messages in the WebLogic Server console log that reference "not enough core" or "insufficient memory" can be related to low "PGFLQUOTA" settings on the Account running WebLogic Server. Increase WebLogic's "PGFLQUOTA" UAF parameter, log out, log back in, and restart the server.

How does heap size relate to WSMAX/WSEXTENT?

When you raise the heap size for Java's Xms/Xmx parameters, ensure that the sysgen value for wsmax is sufficient. For example, if you specify

java -Xms900m -XmX900m
the sysgen value for wsmax should be at least 2211840. The account that runs WebLogic Server should also have its wsextent process quota set to 2211840. The 2211840 is derived by:
900 * .2 = 180 + 900 = 1080 * 1024*1024 /512 = 2211840
(heap plus 20% of heap multiplied by 1024*1024 / 512 shows wsmax in pagelets)

Can I increase the performance of WebLogic Server 81sp1 on OpenVMS?

Java 1.4.1 for OpenVMS provides a new logical to enhance performance tuning. This logical is not enabled by default for WebLogic Server 8.1sp1 on OpenVMS. To enable this performance enhancement for WebLogic Server 8.1sp1 using java 1.4.1 or later, add this definition to the command file that starts WebLogic Server:

For additional performance information, see Optimizing Java Technology Software Performance on HP OpenVMS.


Where do I get licenses for WebLogic Server on OpenVMS?

BEA provides free trial licenses as a special promotion for HP OpenVMS customers. To get these free trial licenses, go to the OpenVMS evaluator licenses for BEA WebLogic Web page.

Permanent licenses can be obtained by visiting the BEA Developer's Web site (select the WebLogic Server Package Installer) or by contacting your local BEA or HP account representative.

Other topics

My file exists, but Java can't seem to find it, why?

Remember that .jar,.class,.war, and .ear files must have their file attributes set to stream-lf for Java on OpenVMS to use them.

$ SET FILE/ATTR=(RFM:STMLF) filename.jar

How do I fix a "Compiler failed executable.exec" problem?

If you note a problem where the compilation of a JSP fails with a message similar to:

/full_filespec/filename.jsp java.io.IOException:
Compiler failed executable.exec(java.lang.String[javac, -classpath, /classpath
javacmay not be found in sys$common:[java$1##.bin], so the compile is failing. The fix is to define vaxc$path to the bin directory of the Java product, for instance:
Add this definition to startweblogic.com, and restart WebLogic Server. For more information about vaxc$path, see SDK V1.3.1-7 for OpenVMS Release Notes for the Java Platform.