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CA Technologies

CA Technologies provides enterprise management, security management, and storage management solutions and services for organizations in a broad range of industries, including financial institutions, airlines, manufacturing, retail, and government agencies. CA Technologies' products address all aspects of e-business process management, business information and application development, and IT infrastructure management to help organizations deal with existing challenges such as automated storage and increased IT security, as well as take advantage of emerging technologies and industry initiatives.

CA Technologies and HP have been strategic partners for several years, working closely to ensure that CA Technologies' products are optimized for HP platforms and most efficiently manage IT environments. CA Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible solutions that help businesses reduce the cost of technology ownership while providing dynamic IT that delivers value and creates new market opportunities.

» Unicenter Solutions for HP OpenVMS Systems—a suite of management products for HP OpenVMS
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Unicenter Solutions for HP OpenVMS Systems

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Unicenter Solutions for HP OpenVMS Systems is a comprehensive portfolio of products from CA Technologies designed to help organizations in all industries manage systems, networks, system users, databases, storage, and security in both homogeneous and heterogeneous HP OpenVMS environments. This family of modular, integrated solutions helps optimize the functionality of HP OpenVMS systems through network and systems management, performance management, job management, console management, system health and availability monitoring, database monitoring, and data transport.

Unicenter Solutions for HP OpenVMS Systems consists of the following products:

  • Unicenter CA Technologies-XCOM Data Transport—provides high-performance data transport capabilities for business-critical applications in multiplatform distributed environments.
  • Unicenter Console Management for OpenVMS—gives administrators remote access and control of all consoles in enterprisewide HP OpenVMS environments.
  • Unicenter Job Management for OpenVMS—provides automated scheduling, execution, monitoring, and recovery for enterprisewide workload management.
  • Unicenter Network and Systems Management (NSM)—manages operating systems and infrastructure elements such as network devices, business applications, and databases. This product is integrated to work with HP OpenView Insight Manager. The integration module supports Insight Manager up to V7.0 and Unicenter NSM V3.1.
  • Unicenter Network and Systems Management Database Monitoring Option for OpenVMS—monitors health and availability of Oracle and Oracle Rdb databases running on HP OpenVMS.
  • Unicenter Network and Systems Management System Monitoring Option for OpenVMS—ensures the health and availability of clusterwide system resources and application logs in HP OpenVMS environments.
  • Unicenter Performance Management for OpenVMS—tunes HP OpenVMS systems using knowledge-based advice and monitors performance in real time.
  • Unicenter System Watchdog for OpenVMS—monitors the health and availability of systems, networks, processes, and events in HP OpenVMS environments.

By using Unicenter Solutions for OpenVMS Systems, network administrators gain increased performance with new, enhanced solutions that are upwardly compatible and fully supported. These solutions enable organizations using a system running the HP OpenVMS operating system to streamline network and system management and maintenance, saving time and resources while delivering a more stable IT infrastructure to the entire organization.

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» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website
» CA Technologies, interBiz Supply Chain Group
» Insight Integration for CA Technologies Unicenter

Company contact

CA Technologies
One Computer Associates Plaza
Islandia, NY 11749
United States
Tel: +1 (631) 342 6000
Fax: +1 (631) 342 6800
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Steve Barriero
Director, Strategic Alliances
Tel: +1 (713) 625 9424
» steve.barriero@ca.com