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Diskeeper Corporation

Founded in 1981, Diskeeper Corporation is a global software company that sells system management tools that increase the reliability and performance of OpenVMS and Windows systems. With more than 20 million licenses sold, corporations around the world rely on Diskeeper's "Set It and Forget It" defragmentation software to automatically give their computer systems unparalleled speed, stability, and increased lifespan.

OpenVMS operating environments have been a focus of Diskeeper Corporation since its inception. By working together as partners, HP and Diskeeper ensure that HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems are some of the most reliable, stable, and best performing enterprise IT systems available on the market today.

» Diskeeper—automatic disk defragmentation software
» FILEMASTER—file manager
» Frag Guard—write defragmentation software
» I/O Express—automatic data caching software

» Supporting documents
» Company contact


Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Diskeeper is a fully automatic disk defragmentation tool that wrings every last drop of performance out of every computer on the network. Diskeeper eliminates the disk fragmentation that causes system crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups, and total system failures. It safely defragments live disks—while users are accessing files—without corrupting files or data.

Key features:

  • Works on all kinds of disks and disk configurations
  • Uses minimal system resources, ensuring no detrimental performance impact
  • Automatically adjusts the frequency of service to fit the actual level of fragmentation
  • Arranges files for better free space consolidation
  • Supports flexible adjustment of scheduling

The rock-solid reliability of HP OpenVMS systems makes them the perfect platform for mission critical enterprise applications. Together, HP and Diskeeper ensure that HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems are stable, secure, and reliable platforms for enterprise business computing needs.

» More about Diskeeper


AlphaServer system ready

FILEMASTER is file management software that provides a PC-like directory tree structure for OpenVMS file systems. FILEMASTER makes it easy to order and sort through thousands of files with a few simple commands. Additional features include the ability to view the contents of files without opening them, and powerful search and sort capabilities.

The industry-leading clustering technology in the HP OpenVMS operating system makes it easy to deploy high-availability and high-performance OpenVMS AlphaServer system clusters. Even large clusters and networks of OpenVMS AlphaServer systems are easily administered using the superb OpenVMS system management tools, extended with the additional capabilities provided by FILEMASTER.

» More about FILEMASTER

Frag Guard

AlphaServer system ready

Frag Guard is a write defragmentation software tool, a companion product to the Diskeeper online defragmenter. Frag Guard reduces or eliminates file fragmentation when new files are created and when existing files are extended, by causing files to be written contiguously whenever possible. Frag Guard speeds up file creation and extension because file fragments consume additional system resources (I/O accesses and processor cycles). It also increases system reliability and stability by reducing undesirable file fragmentation.

For business systems requiring the highest service levels, the combination of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Diskeeper Frag Guard provides quick response times and fast batch throughput along with the high availability and security required for mission-critical applications. Together, HP and Diskeeper optimize OpenVMS AlphaServer system performance to maximize efficiency and reliability, delivering enterprise-class platforms for business IT infrastructure.

» More about Frag Guard

I/O Express

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

I/O Express is automatic data caching software that can dramatically increase input/output performance at the fraction of the cost of a hardware upgrade. Once installed, I/O Express starts with one command, and immediately begins caching—just "Set It and Forget It." Performance improvements start instantly. I/O Express improves performance on Alpha as well as VAX machines, and is fully compatible with OpenVMS versions 7.2 and later.

Key Features:

  • Increases performance by placing (caching) most frequently accessed data in memory
  • Speeds disk accesses more than 10 times faster
  • Improves performance on Alpha as well as VAX machines
  • Automatically determines the most frequently accessed data
  • Automatically adjusts memory use as system needs dictate
  • Never places data at risk—I/O Express data caching is completely safe
  • Adjusts flexibly to suit the system needs
  • Uses minimal system resources, ensuring no detrimental performance impact

The high performance of HP OpenVMS systems makes them an excellent choice for both batch and transaction-processing applications. With Diskeeper I/O Express, HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems are a match for any I/O intensive IT demands.

» More about I/O Express

Supporting documents

» HP OpenVMS systems application status report

Company contact

Diskeeper Corporation
7590 North Glenoaks Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91504
United States
Tel: +1 (818) 771 1600
Fax: +1 (818) 252 5514
» Diskeeper Corporation Web site

Gary Quan
Technical Supervisor
Tel: +1 (818) 771 1600
E-mail: sales@diskeeper.com