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Ericom Software, Inc.

Ericom Software, Inc. is a strategic e-business platform partner for OpenVMS. This is part of the HP commitment to partner with key independent software vendors (ISVs) that provide critical business infrastructure and solutions for OpenVMS customers.

» Ericom corporate overview
» PowerTerm Host Publisher-a Web and wireless integration solution
» PowerTerm InterConnect-a set of secure, multi-host terminal emulation applications
» PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise-VBA-enabled terminal-emulation solutions
» PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise-a secure, server-based computing solution for application access
» Ericom news and events
» Technical information
» Trial software
» Company contact

Ericom corporate overview

Ericom Software, Inc. develops a complete range of host-application access solutions for multiple platforms and systems. These solutions give organizations the ability to easily integrate Web and wireless functionality into legacy systems and provide the foundation for strategic IT initiatives such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployments. With these capabilities, organizations can take advantage of the latest technologies while avoiding the costly, risky, and time-consuming task of redeveloping or modifying legacy applications.

Ericom has sold more than 5 million licenses of its software in more than 45 countries. The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Israel, as well as an extensive network of distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Far East.

Ericom and HP started their business and technology relationship in 1996 when Ericom PowerTerm host-access solutions were included in the HP PATHWORKS 32 connectivity solution. Today, Ericom products are an integral part of the HP strategy to enable applications running on HP systems for Web- and wireless-based delivery.

"HP is Ericom's largest partner and we are very excited by their decision to standardize on Itanium 2®-based Integrity servers. With this announcement, we expect HP to bring their proven mission-critical operating systems to new applications, which will help expand our business even further. This is great for Ericom since our focus is Web and wireless enabling of host systems including HP OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, and NonStop Himalaya servers," says Eran Heyman, Ericom Founder and CEO.

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

PowerTerm Host Publisher

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

PowerTerm Host Publisher is an e-business integration solution that ties Internet, intranet, and extranet front-end solutions to the transaction processing and business logic of applications running on back-end legacy systems. Designed for easy, efficient, and secure access to mission-critical legacy applications, PowerTerm Host Publisher addresses the growing demand for organizations to enable legacy applications with Web and wireless functionality.

Key benefits:

  • Businesses can leverage their investment in host legacy systems with no changes to existing business logic and host applications
  • Organizations can repurpose data from disparate legacy applications to create a unified e-business solution
  • Training and operational costs are minimal, because PowerTerm Host Publisher integrates with industry-standard development tools
  • Corporations can choose to integrate only part of an application, business process, or module, which substantially reduces project time
  • Interfaces and tools can customize front ends that reflect the way users work on a range of devices, including wireless or handheld

PowerTerm Host Publisher offers HP VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity server customers a new world of opportunities by combining the unprecedented performance of HP infrastructure with the robustness and simplicity of PowerTerm Host Publisher for Web-enabling and business transaction processing.

Ericom Software is dedicated to creating an environment that is comfortable and problem-free for HP customers making the transition to Itanium. PowerTerm Host Publisher supports the migration and redeployment of legacy systems-the backbone of any organization-from VAX systems, to AlphaServer systems, to Itanium 2-based Integrity servers.

» More about PowerTerm Host Publisher

PowerTerm InterConnect

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

PowerTerm InterConnect is a product family of robust terminal-emulation applications that provide comprehensive host-access connectivity for multiple communications formats and operating systems. Offering a flexible and extensive feature set that maximizes user time while providing a wide range of options, PowerTerm InterConnect allows enterprises to standardize on a single host-access solution, and provide a fast and effective way for large and small organizations to run legacy applications on current platforms.

Supporting communication modes such as Telnet, SSH, Direct COM Port, PATHWORKS LAT, SuperLAT, TCP/IP, TN3270, TN5250, and Microsoft SNA Server, PowerTerm InterConnect facilitates connectivity to applications running on a variety of hosts such as OpenVMS, UNIX, and more. PowerTerm InterConnect offers secure file transfer, advanced printing support, auto-print mode, slave printing, and host print-transfer, and it provides enhanced, secure host access with Secure Shell (SSH), SSH keys, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), SSL certificates, Kerberos, and Single Sign-on (SSO).

The PowerTerm InterConnect product series includes the following editions:

  • PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition-terminal emulation product for the Linux platform. Supports SSL and SSH security protocols.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect Mac OS X Edition-terminal emulation product for the Mac platform. Supports SSL and SSH security protocols.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect Solaris Edition-terminal emulation product for the Sun Solaris platform. Supports SSL and SSH security protocols.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect Windows Edition-terminal emulation product for the Windows platform. Supports SSH with keys, SSL, and Kerberos, and features tickets for encryption, SSO, and secure file transfer (SFTP).

By providing terminal emulation for legacy accounting, inventory management, and transaction-processing applications running on the HP OpenVMS operating system, PowerTerm InterConnect improves the accessibility and relevance of those applications. Together, PowerTerm InterConnect and HP systems extend the lifespan of applications with a solution that is simpler and less expensive than replacing the entire application, while providing mission-critical uptime and business continuity.

» Technical information
» More about PowerTerm InterConnect

PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise are Microsoft Windows system-based terminal-emulation solutions that provide users with complete access to applications running on the HP OpenVMS operating system. Both PowerTerm Pro applications provide Windows compatibility for host-based applications. PowerTerm Pro Enterprise adds support for Secure Shell (SSH) sessions, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) sessions, and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Key benefits:

  • Corporations can standardize on a single host-access solution, because PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise support a diverse range of hosts and emulation types
  • PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise's graphic user interface (GUI) is easy to use and enables users to do their work quickly and efficiently
  • VBA (PowerTerm Pro Enterprise only) adds development capabilities that extend the functionality of host access.

PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise save organizations time and resources that would otherwise be spent replacing or re-engineering legacy applications. Along with the performance, reliability, and high availability of HP systems, PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise keep applications relevant, ensure an integrated computing environment, and create a cost-effective solution for the organization.

» More about PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise

PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), server-based computing solution for Windows and legacy application access that provides secure local and remote access to enterprise applications running on HP OpenVMS and Windows Terminal Server 2002/2003. PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise offers sophisticated administration tools for centralized management, session shadowing for help desk and remote training activities, and an instant private messaging system (similar to instant messaging).

Organizations can further improve their remote connectivity to enterprise applications with PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) gateway that delivers thin client access to Windows applications running on a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (TSE).

PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise combines with HP OpenVMS to provide an easily integrated, highly available solution for organizations that want to extend the lifespan of back-end systems. Ericom software running on HP platforms saves companies time and money when compared to the resources required to upgrade to a completely new system.

» More about PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise

Supporting documents

Ericom news and events

The following links provide the latest news about Ericom and its industry-leading solutions:
» Ericom Success stories
» Ericom press releases
» Ericom events

Technical information

The following links provide technical information about Ericom solutions on OpenVMS:
» OpenVMS FAQs
» PowerTerm FAQs
» PowerTerm system requirements
» PowerTerm technical documentation
» PowerTerm version history

Company contact

Ericom Software, Inc.
Building 4
231 Herbert Avenue
Closter, NJ 07624
United States
Tel: Closter, NJ 07624
Fax: +1 (201) 767 2205
» Ericom Web site

For more information or questions, please send a message to HP E-business product feedback or contact:

Felicia Mutdhastira
Marketing Manager-North America, Ericom
+1 (201) 767 2210