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Nemonix Engineering, Inc.

Nemonix Engineering, Inc. is a privately-held, woman-owned corporation that provides hardware upgrades and maintenance for VAX and AlphaServer systems. They specialize in protecting client investments in these systems by providing VAX Hardware Refresh services, critical upgrades, accessories, and maintenance services. Nemonix Engineering customers are located all over the world, and include many Fortune 500 companies in all industries.

Nemonix Engineering has been in business for 20 years as a partner of DEC, Compaq, and now HP. They work closely with HP to ensure that the hardware they design and manufacture—including new RZ replacement disk drives, CPU and cache performance enhancements, memory expansion, VAX Ultra Wide SCSI, VAX 100 Megabit Ethernet and AlphaServer Gigabit Ethernet cards—are fully compatible with HP OpenVMS systems. The HP and Nemonix Engineering partnering ensures that OpenVMS users get maximum value and utility from OpenVMS systems, whether they continue to run legacy VAX hardware, or they choose new AlphaServer and Integrity systems.

» Dual Rail Gigabit card—two-port network controller
» Four Rail Gigabit card name—four-port network controller
» Performance upgrades—various products and services
» Replacement RZ disk drives—1 to 36 gigabyte SCSI disk drives

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Dual Rail Gigabit card

Four Rail Gigabit card

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

The Dual Rail and Four Rail Gigabit cards are hardware upgrade cards for OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems that provide two or four Gigabit Ethernet communication ports. These controllers offer the exceptional performance of fiber and copper Gigabit Ethernet with backward compatibility to 10/100 megabit Ethernet. They do not interfere with existing 100 megabit Ethernet ports and are designed for easy plug-and-play installation utilizing an available 64 bit PCI or PCI-X slot.

The industry-leading clustering and networking capabilities and rock-solid reliability of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems make them ideal platforms for building high-speed Ethernet networks. The Dual/Four Rail Gigabit cards, which were jointly engineered by HP and Nemonix Engineering in response to OpenVMS user demand, greatly increase the connectivity and bandwidth of AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers enabling larger, faster clusters and networks of OpenVMS systems to improve IT productivity and increase return on investment.

» More about Dual Rail and Four Rail Gigabit cards

Performance upgrades

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Nemonix Engineering enhances customer hardware and software investments by providing critical hardware upgrades to all the main bottlenecks in VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity systems. Performance upgrade options include:

  • CPU and Cache—Upgrades maximize and safeguard existing technology investments by providing the fastest upgraded single VAX processor on the market today.
  • Adapters—Offering exceptional performance and designed for easy plug-and-play installation utilizing an available PCI or PCI-X slot, adapter capabilities include 100 megabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Ultra-Wide SCSI.
  • Expansion memory—Options maximize system performance and reliability through 16 megabit DRAM technology. Based on 32-megabyte and 64-megabyte high-density modules, system memory capability is expanded from 128 megabytes to 512 megabytes.

Hardware performance upgrades from Nemonix Engineering are designed for easy self-installation. On-site professional installation is also available.

HP OpenVMS systems boast unbeatable reliability, scalability, and performance, making them a leading platform for business IT infrastructure. Performance upgrades from Nemonix Engineering extend the life of OpenVMS VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity systems as business growth places greater demands on those systems. Upgrading existing hardware delays the need for more costly system upgrades while maintaining the stability of the IT system infrastructure, creating real value for the customer's bottom line.

» More about More about VAX and Alpha performance upgrades

Replacement RZ disk drives

AlphaServer system ready

Nemonix Engineering RZ disk drives are direct replacements for the DEC/Compaq family of RZ disk drives in VAX and AlphaServer systems. These drives are available in capacities ranging from 1 to 36 gigabytes and provide the same storage functions found in SCSI-1 and SCIS-2 fast, narrow, and wide hard disk drives. They are designed for easy plug-and-play installation utilizing either the original DEC SBB technology or conventional rail mountings, and are powered from a single +5 volt supply. Replacement drives are guaranteed for a period of three years.

Many business and public sector organizations choose HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to run their critical applications because of their superb reliability, high availability, and outstanding performance. AlphaServer systems with Nemonix Engineering replacement RZ disk drives deliver reliable service, creating long-term, stable environments for vital business applications.

» More about replacement RZ disk drives

Supporting documents

» HP OpenVMS application status report

Company contact

Nemonix Engineering, Inc. (US)
Tel: 1 (508)393-7700
Web: www.nemonixengineering.com

Beth Bumbarger
Tel: 1 (508)393-7700
E-mail: bbumbarger@nemonixengineering.com