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PerfCap Corporation

PerfCap Corporation provides the banking, stock exchange, technology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical insurance, education, and defense industries with next-generation performance management, analysis, capacity planning, and asset management software for multi-platform, open-system environments. PerfCap solutions help organizations uncover performance bottlenecks, eliminate congestion, prepare for future points of saturation, and determine current assets and required resources.

The partnership between HP and PerfCap enables businesses to maximize their HP systems and other IT resource utilization. In addition, PerfCap partners with the HP Services organization, facilitating integration services that focus on growth management and capacity planning. Together, HP and PerfCap help enterprises maximize their return on investment (ROI) by improving system performance, minimizing downtime, and developing strategic operational roadmaps.

» Enterprise Capacity and Performance Planner (eCAP), a resource evaluation and planning software suite
» FindIT, asset management software
» Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ), a performance management solution

» Supporting documents
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Enterprise Capacity and Performance Planner (eCAP)

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Enterprise Capacity and Performance Planner (eCAP) is a software application suite that analyzes expanding business needs and intelligently estimates the future computing resources required to meet them by evaluating countless resource scenarios. By creating a sophisticated mathematical model of production environment resource utilization, eCAP identifies possible production bottlenecks and provides infrastructure management teams with vital information about how to eliminate them, giving highly detailed and up-to-date information to determine the effects of adding new users, new applications, and new servers to an existing network.

The eCAP product suite includes the following modules:

  • eCAP Monitor—gathers performance data from each monitored and planned node
  • eCAP Analyzer—produces performance reports and graphs
  • eCAP Planner—determines computing resources needed to meet future business growth

By analyzing system performance on HP AlphaServer systems, eCAP enables growing organizations to take advantage of the clustering and load-balancing features of OpenVMS. With eCAP, capacity planning on AlphaServer systems running highly scalable OpenVMS is maximized-resulting in improved response times, reduced risk from new application deployments, successful server consolidations, and a clear picture of the resources required for growth.

» More about eCAP


Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

FindIT from PerfCap is web-based, enterprise-level asset management and configuration-change tracking software that monitors software and hardware functionality by gathering inventory information from each installed system and reporting analyses to IT managers. FindIT gives system administrators a clear, concise picture of system conditions and license changes, as well as usage patterns of hardware, software, and patches.

HP AlphaServer systems running robust, scalable OpenVMS enable FindIT to analyze and report on IT systems of any size. With OpenVMS and FindIT, system administrators and management teams have up-to-date IT inventory information and can eliminate unnecessary tools, dramatically lowering costs and ensuring regulatory compliance.

» More about FindIT

Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ)

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ) is a web-based performance management solution that gathers specific performance metrics on every monitored system to give system administrators and IT managers in any industry detailed performance evaluations for heterogeneous, distributed environments. PAWZ features daily standard reports, historical and trend graphs, real-time reporting, real-time and daily alerts, and drill-down investigation methods, helping companies effectively manage complex systems with high-throughput volumes.

PAWZ includes the following modules:

  • eCAP Monitor—collects highly detailed system-level performance information
  • PAWZ Server—receives, processes, and presents data collected by eCAP Monitor
  • PAWZ Agent—receives user requests from the PAWZ Server and takes action

Using scalable and flexible HP AlphaServers running OpenVMS, system managers can use the information generated with PAWZ to make intelligent system update and platform rehosting decisions, resulting in improved performance, reduced downtime, and optimal use of existing technology.

» More about PAWZ

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website

Company contact

PerfCap Corporation
85 Perimeter Road
Nashua, NH 03063
United States
Tel: +1 (603) 594 0222
Fax: +1 (603) 594 0826
» PerfCap website

Prem S. Sinha
President and CEO
Tel: +1 (603) 504 0222
» prem.sinha@perfcap.com