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Rolfe & Nolan Systems Ltd

Rolfe & Nolan Systems Ltd is a global market leader in software services and technical solutions for organizations in the financial industry specializing in the derivatives marketplace. The company develops software that helps investment and retail banks, brokers, fund managers, exchanges, and clearinghouses with pre-trade analysis, derivatives contract processing, archiving, settlement, and more.

Rolfe & Nolan has enjoyed a close working relationship with HP for thirty years. Taking advantage of the high-availability, security, and flexibility of HP systems, Rolfe & Nolan products and services enable the global derivatives enterprise to complete mission-critical financial operations and efficiently manage workflows, matching customer demands for efficient cost control with the tools needed to help increase revenues.

» Merlin, a trade-processing solution
» RANbase, a relational database management system
» RANsys, a processing engine for trading, clearing, and settlement systems

» Supporting documents
» Company contact


AlphaServer system ready

Merlin from Rolfe & Nolan is a next-generation solution for trade processing of futures and options. Merlin's target market is leading commercial and investment banks, fund managers, brokers, and exchanges.

The Rational Unified Process (RUP), use-case design techniques, and modular approach of Merlin ensure flexibility—the solution can be integrated into existing systems or easily combined with other modules. The first two modules, Merlin Commissions and Merlin Margin are now available. Merlin Commissions performs a wide range of commission-based tasks and can be extended to support commission calculation functionality for other asset classes. Merlin Margin is a world-class margin calculation engine covering the world's leading futures and options exchanges and clearinghouses.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces costs—a single global database using an industry-standard relational database management system (RDBMS) eliminates duplication, generates client statements without having to collate from multiple sources, and eliminates re-routing of trade information
  • Increases efficiency—updates ensure accuracy of information, while processing can be monitored across time zones for a comprehensive, simultaneous view of information
  • Maximizes productivity—framework can handle other asset classes outside of futures and options, while internal and external interfaces enable Merlin modules to operate with other Merlin and non-Merlin components

The HP OpenVMS operating system running on AlphaServer systems provides exceptional availability for the business-critical trading capabilities of Merlin. Real-time accuracy of financial information is ensured by the fault tolerance and reliability of OpenVMS, which has a proven record of performance in I/O-intensive environments.

» More about Merlin


AlphaServer system ready

RANbase from Rolfe & Nolan is a powerful independent relational database management system (RDBMS) that enables professionals in exchange-traded derivatives industries to organize, access, and manipulate data such as profits, commissions, trades, and prices in a tabular format. It provides local and global database functionality, giving companies the tools necessary for historical data analysis and business-critical management information.

Integrated with reliable, secure, and highly available OpenVMS, RANbase relies on the load-balancing and clustering features of the OpenVMS environment to accurately and securely manage and report standing data, trades, open positions, account balances, and prices in customized output forms. Using RANbase and OpenVMS, brokers, bankers, and fund management professionals can more effectively control and analyze their enterprises while improving efficiency and increasing revenue.

» More about RANbase


AlphaServer system ready

RANsys from Rolfe & Nolan is a comprehensive, real-time, back office processing system for financial organizations such as international banks and brokers, global clearing organizations, and fund and asset management companies. Covering global markets 24 hours a day, RANsys supports broker and clearing reconciliation; over-the-counter (OTC) options administration for currencies, bonds, and stocks; and full foreign-exchange trading and settlement for all international currencies.

Leveraging the power and availability of OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems, RANsys schedules manual and automated data downloads to produce information evaluations, customizes data archives and retrieval methods, and downloads information that can be integrated with other databases and applications. The powerful, flexible, secure, and cost-effective OpenVMS system allows RANsys to accommodate growing organizations, giving finance management and trading companies streamlined application and data processing tools that deliver enhanced operational efficiency and increased revenues.

» More about RANsys

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website

Company contact

Rolfe & Nolan Systems Ltd
Lowndes House
1-9 City Road
London EC1Y 1AE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (20) 7374 4841
Fax: +44 (20) 7374 0732
» Rolfe & Nolan website

Carl Butler
Operations Director
Tel: +44 (20) 7374 4841
» carl.butler@ranplc.co.uk