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Siemens Medical Solutions of Siemens AG

Siemens Medical Solutions provides technology services and solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide. Siemens products include imaging systems for diagnosis, therapy equipment for treatment, and a full range of IT solutions that support the clinical, financial, and administrative workflows of hospitals, physician offices, clinics, health provider networks, and other healthcare organizations with care responsibilities.

HP and Siemens work closely together to meet the diverse hardware and software needs of healthcare professionals. HP technology is the basis for many Siemens health information systems, providing reliable, robust platforms that optimize workflow and increase efficiency.

» Siemens Pharmacy, a drug therapy and patient information system
» Medication Management, a software suite designed to manage medication delivery cycles
» UNITY, an information integration suite

» Company contact

Siemens Pharmacy

AlphaServer system ready

Siemens Pharmacy from Siemens Medical Solutions is a networkwide patient information system that identifies potential adverse drug events (ADEs) by integrating pertinent patient information with a pharmacy's existing information system. The automated clinical screening provided by Siemens Pharmacy alerts pharmacists of potential allergic reactions, drug interactions, and duplicate orders, as well as more sophisticated clinical conditions such as drug-to-laboratory test result conflicts and protocol dosing.

Siemens Pharmacy running on the HP OpenVMS platform provides drug therapy professionals with a reliable, fault-tolerant system that manages information with strong performance and minimal downtime to safely dispense the right medications to patients. Combined with OpenVMS on HP AlphaServer systems, Siemens Pharmacy can integrate new technologies and scale to meet growing needs.

» More about Siemens Pharmacy

Medication Management

AlphaServer system ready

Siemens Medication Management is a suite of products for prescription and medication management. Incorporating automation, tracking, and quality assurance into steps such as medication ordering, clinical checking, drug dispensing, positive patient and drug identification at time of administration, and supply chain management, the Medical Management solution eliminates errors and improves efficiency for healthcare professionals in organizations of all sizes.

For mission-critical medical operations that cannot afford downtime or performance issues from heavy loads, the Medication Management suite runs optimally on HP OpenVMS systems. The robust clinical and operational integration features available in Medication Management are maximized by the flexibility and scalability of OpenVMS, providing clinicians with the right information at the right time to prevent medication errors, save money, and save lives.

» More about Medication Management


AlphaServer system ready

UNITY from Siemens Medical Solutions is a hospital information system that enables professionals in acute care and financial services settings to access information and services through multiple channels. Providing adaptation tools, services, and outsourcing options, UNITY also assists healthcare professionals in complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The UNITY solution features utilities for documenting and planning patient care; automating and managing registration, billing, and account receivables processes; and utilizing HIPAA-related product enhancements and services. It also connects and integrates different clinical systems, modalities, and patient information systems to satisfy the healthcare industry's information access needs.

The integration features of UNITY provide healthcare organizations reliable access to patient information when and where it is needed, improving both the speed of diagnosis and treatment, and patient and physician satisfaction. OpenVMS running on HP AlphaServer systems provides the reliability, scalability, and flexibility needed to ensure that UNITY meets the life-critical needs of today's 24 x 7 healthcare enterprises.

» More about UNITY

Company contact

Siemens Medical Solutions of Siemens AG
51 Valley Stream Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355
United States
Tel: +1 (610) 448 4500
Fax: +1 (610) 448 2554
» Siemens Medical Solutions website

Todd Kern
US Business Manager, Technology Reselling
Tel: +1 (610) 448 4061
» todd.kern@siemens.com