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Software AG

Software AG is a global provider of system software, high-performance databases, and development tools. The company's products enable large enterprises across many industries to run mission-critical, cross-platform applications; simplify the exchange of data between disparate systems; and integrate cutting-edge Web applications into traditional IT architectures. Software AG customers include some of the most prominent corporations in the world, including Bertelsmann, Daimler-Chrysler, Sony, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Chase Bank, and AT&T. The company is headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany and generated €438 million revenue in 2005.

Software AG originally partnered with Compaq, now Hewlett-Packard Company, to develop solutions that take advantage of the highly available and scalable HP OpenVMS operating system. Software AG is a member of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP) and works closely with HP to support joint customers and facilitate marketing activities.

» Adabas—an advanced database management system (DBMS)
» Entire Net-Work—a message-based middleware solution
» EntireX—an application integration solution
» Natural—a fourth-generation development platform
» Natural Construct—a set of rapid application development (RAD) tools
» Predict—a developer tool for the Natural development environment

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AlphaServer system ready

Adabas is a high-performance online transaction processing (OLTP) database for large, mission-critical applications. Adabas supports thousands of users in parallel while providing sub-second response times regardless of workload. For more than 35 years, Adabas has served the needs of Software AG customers worldwide. It continues to evolve with rapidly changing business needs and demands for leading-edge technology.

Adabas runs on mainframe, mid-range, and PC platforms. However, running on the HP OpenVMS operating system, Adabas delivers outstanding transaction throughput while ensuring system integrity and flexibility. The exceptionally high availability of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and the impressive reliability of Adabas ensure a 24 X 7 infrastructure for mission-critical business applications.

» More about Adabas

Entire Net-Work

AlphaServer system ready

Entire Net-Work is a message-based middleware service that enables database access from anywhere on the network, irrespective of the hardware, operating, or transaction processing environment. Deployable on all the leading network platforms and across network boundaries, Entire Net-Work uses thin software layers on both client and server to increase the accessibility of network applications.

Offering high performance and flexibility with low maintenance overhead, Entire Net-Work helps the enterprise maximize the benefits and minimize the difficulties of distributed environments. HP AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system provide the scalability and availability that make Entire Net-Work a trusted integration hub for enterprisewide, heterogeneous network architectures.

» More about Entire Net-Work


AlphaServer system ready

EntireX is an application integration solution that helps companies leverage existing systems for use in new e-business solutions. It uniquely combines robust, high-performance messaging with truly symmetric, bidirectional service wrapping. Extensive support for Web service standards and intuitive tools rapidly open existing systems to support modern service-oriented architectures. Over 1000 customers worldwide rely on EntireX for business-critical integration solutions.

HP AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system provide the highest levels of performance and reliability for EntireX integration activities. Along with the disaster tolerance of these HP systems, EntireX enables organizations to implement solutions that ensure business continuity of mission-critical applications.

» More about EntireX


AlphaServer system ready

Natural is a fourth-generation development platform for the rapid and efficient creation of large scale e-business applications. Using Natural, developers can create applications that seamlessly cover all application tiers, access all database management systems, and run on all platforms. Natural also offers comprehensive Web and XML capabilities for developers who want to take advantage of new e-business technologies.

Natural, running on the HP OpenVMS operating system, provides a highly stable and flexible development environment that helps reduce development and maintenance costs.

» More about Natural

Natural Construct

AlphaServer system ready

Natural Construct is a set of rapid application development (RAD) tools that help standardize and control the development process. Created for use in Software AG Natural and Predict development environments, Natural Construct provides the flexible templates needed to quickly generate application modules.

Highly available HP AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system provide an ideal platform for developers using Natural Construct. With automated, easy-to-use Natural Construct tools, organizations can improve development productivity and speed application deployments.

» More about Natural Construct


AlphaServer system ready

Predict is a developer tool that provides an open operational data dictionary for the Software AG Natural development environment. Predict offers a variety of database services for designing, defining, and generating database tables so that database administrators and application developers can perform their tasks more effectively.

The openness and flexibility of Predict, running on the HP OpenVMS operating system, improves the usability of any application development environment. The productivity that the solution enables is essential for companies developing mission-critical, enterprisewide business applications.

» More about Predict

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site
» HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array and Mainframe white paper: ADABAS database backup and recovery

Company contact

Software AG
Uhlandstrasse 12
64297 Darmstadt
Tel: +49 (6151) 92 0
Fax: +49 (6151) 92 1191
» Software AG Web site

Wil Heynen
Technical Marketing
Tel: +49 (6151) 92 1709
E-mail: wil.heynen@softwareag.com